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Local Business Announcements / WHere to get seasoned Wood in town?
« on: September 25, 2015, 02:12:51 PM »
Havne't seen anything posted anywhere.  Need a cord or so - ideally custom cut as out wood stove accepts 22" pieces

Current News & Events / Any Word on Funeral arrangements for Roger
« on: June 04, 2014, 10:48:19 AM »
Just wondering as I'd like to pay my Respects.

The meeting will now take place in the Town Office - from 9-11 this Saturday 4/12/14.

This Saturday is Fairfax Fletcher Soccer Club's open house from 9-11:00 at the Fletcher Elementary school fields.  Players and Parents will get to meet coaches, get information on this season, and possibly a practice.  We'll be meeting rain or shine - so bring rain gear if necessary.

FFSC will have a booth/table at the Community day event.  You can sign up there, or send in registration prior to 7/4.  As we're tranisitioning to the VSL league - we need all registrations in earlier - thus the new and FIRM cut-off date.  Hurry!  DOn't miss out!

The Fairfax Fletcher Westford Little league Softball and Fairfax Fletcher Soccer Club playing fields at the Fletcher Elementary school were heavily damaged on thursday night.  It appears as though a SUV or truck did doughnuts on and around the pitching mound, in the outfield, on the near side and mid field of the U12 soccer field.

The State Police in St Albans came out to take pictures as the cost of damages will be significant.  Anyone with information can contact the State Police in St Albans.  FFWLL and FFSC are in the process of posting a reward for information that leads to an arrest and/or reimbursement of costs to repair damage.  If you saw or heard anything on thursday night please call the State police.  Any information that leads to an arrest will be kept confidential.

Teams have been announced for the North- South Game in High school Basketball

Division I and II girls
North: Kayla Baczewski, Meghan Bochanski, BFA-Fairfax; Eva Clark, BFA-St. Albans; Olivia Maher, Burlington; Alex Krupp, Champlain Valley; Sarah Paskevich, Jackie Sortor, Colchester; Kari Lavalette, Lauren Miles, Essex; Drew Neal, Lake Region; Nicole Menard, Milton; Anna Bingham, North Country; Tomi Akinpetide, Cassidy Derda, Rice; Johannah Driscoll, St. Johnsbury. Head coach: T.J. Sawyer. Assistant: Tim Rice.

Division III and IV boys
North: Kris Wehner, BFA-Fairfax; Kyle Farquharson, Damian Smith, Blue Mountain; Jacob Mills, Brady Ranville, Danville; Brandon Gleason, Wyatt Larose, Enosburg; Andrew Demer, Dimitri Vasiliadis, Hazen; Caleb Lafaille, Andrew Lyman, Oxbow; Ben Jickling, Randolph; David Codling, Brandon Gibbs, Twinfield; Kyle Laughlin, Williamstown. Head coach: Matt Luneau. Assistant: Chris Brigham.

Congrats to our local Athletes and good luck representing your School and Community.

I sincerely hope our fans are planning on heading to Barre this saturday for the 3:45 game to support our Lady Bullets.  It's clear they thrive off the intensity and energy their fans pour out to them and I believe they deserve every possible ounce of supportive energy they can get.  Some of these girls I've known since they were wee little tikes and all of them are pretty good and deserving kids.  If there's anyway you can make it down, tell a friend or relative to head down..... I'm sure the Girls would appreciate it... and you might just have a great time joining your community in a good supportive cause.  GO LADY BULLETS!

Current News & Events / BFA Fairfax Girls Defeat Lake Region 40-29
« on: February 22, 2013, 11:39:10 AM »
         I can't remember the last time BFA defeated Lake Region in Girls basketball - but i know it's been a long time coming.  There's been some really painful blow outs and equally difficult valiant efforts over the past 5-6 years.  I'm incredibly happy for these young women to have such an achievement to remember and be remembered for, for years to come.  With that defeat there's no way Lake Region can gain a higher seed then BFA in the rankings. 


I see the girls have 3 more games in the season...... yet the VPA website says they have a 15-3 record - the listings of games they've played only adds up to 17.  I'm wondering if there wasn't a game that was postponed that they made up and lost or if the VPA site is incorrect.  I know that the AD's from the schools are the ones who update the site so not sure if it's an accidental typo or if the loss wasn't recored.  anyone know the Ms. Witalec well enoguh to ask?  or at least know the low down?

On the way to work, saw some blue lights and the guardrails ripped off the bridge ont he right side.  Further up the road, i think i saw the culprit - Trucks haulign the Turbine Blades.  Ouch - wonder who picks up the tab for that - the Trubine company right?

It's under the fundraiser section.

Current News & Events / URGENT FFSC NEEDS 3-4 Grade Girls coaches
« on: August 09, 2012, 09:31:17 AM »
HELP!  FFSC needs 1-2 head coaches to coach the 3-4 Grade Girls.  Practices are tuesdays & Fridays, typically from 5:30 - 7:00 in Fletcher.  Games will be on Saturday's b/w 11-2:00 both home and away.  If you or someone you know are interested, please call Dan Banach at 849-9356.  Thank you for your consideration in advance!

I'm saddened to announce that someone with a four wheeler has vandalized the Soccer Fields at Flethcer Elementary school.  Some may recall about 4 years ago there was a sapt of damage done at least once a week there.  The soccer club petitioned the School board for security cameras.  They also were able to secure a significant donation in time and services of then New transplat to the area, Tom Ferrick to erect fencing.

The vandalism has created a signficant safety issue for useage of the field thus useage by club activities cannot occur before the damages have been addressed.  Anyone with information regarding who did the damage should contact either Fletcher Elementary or Club President Dan Banach.  You can also send me a private message here on the forums and i can direct you or your information to the correct person(s).  If so desired, this can be confidential.

With the season starting next week, this poses a major obstacle for the the ontime start of the season and will affect at least 200 kids in one way or another.  If you heard, saw, or know anything about 4 wheelers in the area of Fletcher in the last 5 nights please contact us as soon as you can.   

Current News & Events / Vigilanteism? Some locals are sick of the crime
« on: November 09, 2011, 04:11:19 PM »
Spoke to a few locals today who say they're sick of hoping the marginal law enforcement coverage will deter/catch the recent criminals to canvass the area.  Though usually law abiding citizens ( to my knowledge ) the theme kept coming back to takign matters in their own hands.  I know we all enjoy the occasional cathartic thought of personal justice, but this talk was definitely beyond that.  No objection or reasoning i interjected seemed to corral them away from taking to roads in search for a scumbag to 'take care of'.  Glad they consider me a friendly acquanitance is all i can say after hearing some of their conversations about how they'd 'bring' the scumbags to justice.....

Lets all say a prayer for those violated......... and that frustrated citizens get some justice with the apprehension of these criminals and the return of stolen properties.

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