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Current News & Events / Break-in / Robbery on Goose Pond today
« on: November 09, 2011, 03:43:09 PM »
At about 11:30ish today a scumbag thief kicked in a door at residence on Goose Pond Rd today and stole Electronic equipment, a Flat Screen TV and gaming system.  The family of course feels violated and the children frightened that someone would do something so horrible.  A vehicle seen int he area was reported to the police and they are currently attmepting to locate the owner for questioning.  As most scumbags who steal have no integrity or sense of morality - hopes of them returning the stolen property or turning themselves in are slim to none.  Anyone seeing suspicious vehichles or sketchy individuals in the area of River Road, Goose Pond Rd, School Rd or Pumpkin Hollow rd in Fletcher please call Vt State police in St Albans. 

Coaches meeting for Fall soccer is this Wednesday 7/20 - where team lotteries will be done.  If you haven't registered you child/children yet - there's still time - even after the season starts kids can still be registered as FFSC doesn't turn kids away.

Please note though - that after August 1 - late fees will go from $10 - $15 per child and after the coaches meeting players will be placed on teams in a pre-determined order ( making team sizes as even as possible).   Questions?  call Dan Banach 849-9356.  Registrations can be found at Minors on the board and will be in J&L and Steeple by 8/19.

Current News & Events / BFA HS Boys B-ball vs Oxbow
« on: March 10, 2011, 10:39:21 AM »
     What a game last night.  Talking about a riveting back and forth game.... well that didn't happen until the 4th qtr, but the first 3 qtrs were a real treat to watch.  Though not a victory, those kids played their hearts out.  I really feel for them as things could've easily gone their way towards the end but didn't and that stings a bit.
      I now think about the seniors and how many games i've seen them play over the last 4 years - and how much excitement, fun, and joy they've brought to their community and school.  How those individuals own personal struggles, accomplishments, and work ethic as had a postive effect on those around them.  About how they've kept a sense of pride and dignity through tough defeats like last night.  I thank them from the depths of my heart and sincerely wish them the best of luck in their endevors to come.

Current News & Events / BFA Varsity Girls fall to Ensoburg
« on: March 03, 2011, 03:05:33 PM »
     The BFA Varisty Girls Traveled to Enoburg last night to play the Hornets on their home turg in the first round playdown game.
      The Hornets jumped out to a quick 8 pt lead before the Bullets stopped the bleedign with a good drive and draw of a foul - sinking 1 of 2 they began a slow but steady offensive assault that evened the score before long.  Right before halftime, The Hornets hit a buzzer beater to go up by 6.
       Though the Bullets played with a lot of heart, they weren't abel to find a groove they could sustain.  By end of thrid qtr the Hornets were in command with an 11 pt lead.  The Bullets battled and stole the ball and pressured the shooters in the 4th but thr Hornets were sinking shots anf finding easy put backs.  In the end the Bullets were stretched thin but continued to play with ferocity and heart until the very end.
Maureen McGuiness is the only senior thus it was her last game as a Bullet.  Many thnaks for 4 great years of basketball Maureen - you've been fun to watch, a big part of BFA Girls Basketball, and an outstanding young Adult.  Best Wishes to you.
        Many thanks BFA Varsity girls!

     The JVB Girls Basketball team has had a unique situation this season..... a split personality.  The JVb squad makes up 90% of the JVA squad as there wasn't the numbers for 2 squads.  With a good portion of the squad consisting of young players, there needed to be opportunities for some of them to play closer to their skill levels.
As the season progressed though, their average skill edged further away from JVB and closer to a JVA squad.
      The JVB Girls have played some great games this season, and showed their meddle in games where they competed, in whole games, against good teams like Hazen, Mt Abe and St Albans.  They'd competed for with Great teams like Enosburg and Essex for good portions of the game.  W's and L's don't tell the whole story of progress... from looking up while dribbling, to quicker, better passes, to better movement with and without the ball this team has shown it all.

      Nothing demonstrated their progress better then their last game of the JVB season last night vs St Albans.  Not only did BFA keep pace with St Albans.. they pulled ahead by 5 in the 3rd qtr as well.  This team has always brought heart to every game, but they haven't always brought a mental focus to match that determination.  This game was glaringly different.

       4th qtr saw more battling and St ALbans go on a run that would give them as much as 15 pt lead - but BFA battled back with 4:00 to go to cut the lead to 6.  But tired legs from playing exceptional basketball every night this week, finally caught up with them.  As they got to the corners and outside a bit slower - St Albans hit the open shots to pull away.  Final was score 41 - 29 ( 10 pts better than their last lost to them)
       Evident was the girls meddle in this game - they would not back down and didn't get down about mistakes.  One of the BEST Last Games of the seasons i've seen in a few years.
Congrats JVB Girls and Good luck with finishing the rest of the JVA season!  Go Bullets!

BFA Sports Events / BFA HS Girls Basketball 2010-2011 Game Highlights
« on: December 13, 2010, 08:17:26 AM »
Game Colchester @ BFA 12/11/10

The JV girls team has A LOT of new faces this season.  With only 2 returning players from the last season, there's a substantial amount of rawness.  With new faces comes new opportunities as Coach Banach, Gerke, and Murray continue to refine and sharpen this new squad awareness and abilities.

This 1st game vs Colchester was MORE THAN a challenge for a developing squad.... with many of Colchester's squad havign played together for multiple years.

BFA girls started out shakey but possessed the ball well and limited turnovers.  Unfortunately, the press proved to rattle them causing multiple turnovers for fastbreak points.

Silver linings:  Some fo the new faces show great promise and returning faces displayed heightened leadership and poise. 
Essentials to improve: OFF - passing, timing, movement to and away from ball DEF - containment and deny defense need improvement as well as proper and quicker response to where ball is.

Varsity to come soon.

Varsity girls started off shaky, as coach Driscoll said - "we were nervous and it showed"  After 7 straight turnovers - BFA made soem adjustments and better control of theball was attained.  The 1st qtr really hurt BFA, but they competed in 3 of the 4 qtrs to only fall by 17.

Game 2 vs Stowe 12/15/10 AT BFA

The Varsity Girls ( Stowe has no JV team) played Stowe with precision, hustle and offenisve poise.  Swarming defense made steals, Offense took advantage on the fast break and mismatches, and BFA won by almost 40 pts.  Maureen mcGuinness and Evyn Banach both had 16 pts a piece, and Megahn Bochanski had 1o pts and 16 rebounds.

Game 3 vs Milton

JV Girls, still getting into their rhythm, played better basketball, made less turnovers and played drastically better defense.  At one point in the 2nd half they came with in 6 pts of Milton but couldn't close the gap any further.  They lost by 13.

BFA started out strong in an offensive sense.  They had limited tunrovers, and capitalized on Miltons.  Defense put alot of pressure on Milton.

In the 4th qtr - BFA got a little sloppy and fell to 7 pts down with 2:52 to go.  At that point BFA could've gone either way - but the Varsity girls energized and played some stellar defense to go on a 10 point run and win the game.

Girls JV & Varsity Basketball games are postponed to tentatively 1/18. 

JV Girls Practice instead - 5 - 6:30
Varsity Girls 3:30-5:00.

BFA Sports Events / BFA Girls Basketball Highlights 2009-2010 Season
« on: December 04, 2009, 12:26:59 PM »
Game 1 away vs Colchester

The BFA JV & Varsity Lady Bullets traveled to Division 1 Colchester on Wednesday night for their first game of the season.  Both teams have returnign core players and some new promisign recruits.


The JV Girls, though rushed were on the floor on tiem and ready to go.  The game opened with the JVs working really hard for very little.  It seemed like their zone defense had signs saying where the weak points were all over it.  Colchester quickly took a 4 pt lead, and though they battled their best and held the score to 4-0 for 4 minutes, the JV girls eventually started to slide.  End of the first was 11-2.  Second quarter so BFA continue to play sloppy defense and even messier offense.  End of 2nd qurster - 21-4.
At half time, as usual, Coach Banach refocused his team on the simple fundamentals that weren't as solid as they could be.
Second half, with BFA changing their focus to a Man2Man defense, showed a different game from the first.  The JV girls played much better defense, and much much better offense.  3rd qurter ended with BFA only allowing colchester to score 2 more points than they did.  and the fourth quarter so more of a BFA surge and resulted in BFA outscorign colchester 21-18.  Unfortunately the late start to playing good Basketball, made affected BFA's bid at a comeback.  final Score was 41-25.  The JV girls have had a better than average start to the season this year - demonstratign how far aheadof the curve they were compared to years past.  the won both scrimmages vs vergennes and richford.  By an average score of 41. ( 37-7 and 45-2)  Though not indicative of their true talent - the JV girls are poised to have another good seaosn this year.


In the prior 2 games, The BFA Colchester macthup has been split.  2 seasons ago, BFA played a hard fought game, overcoming an extremely damaging error call by an official ( he blew the whistle, didn' t mean to and when the player moved to give him the ball - he called it a travel) in the final minutes - BFA lost by 1 point with a shot at the buzzer.
Last year, having lost a strong senior core ripe with strong forwards and agile, accurate guards, BFA played their hearts out and competed through out the game, in the end though, they're inexperienced crew fell short by a dozen or so.

THIS SEASON MARKS A NEW DIRECTION FOR BFA GIRLS VARSITY.  Coach Jim worked hard throughout the summer with returning core players, JV recruits, and some HIGHLY motivated and well-skilled Freshman.  He's worked hard this season to cultivate and condition the varsity girls and it showed in the 2 well-defined and impressive scrimmages vs Vergennes & Richford.

The Colchester game began with BFA experiencing some minor nerves on both sides of the ball.  The Varsity girls quickly fell down by 5 but managed to stop the bleeding.  And then Suddenly, a surge.  BFA rallied back to tie and then battle back and forth.  Second half of the 2nd qtr BFA maintained a 2 point lead.  Colchester managed a buzzer-beating 2 pointer to go up 11-10 going into the half.  That would be the last time colchester would see a lead.  Megahan Bochansky, Kayla & Kaysie Bascieski, and Maureen McGuinness Roared to life in the 3rd with strong defense, strong moves to the basket, and some key foul shooting.  With 4 minutes to go BFA was nursing an 8 pt lead.... working hard to keep possesion and prevent the Lakers from scoring.  BFA didn't sit back and just play keep away, they made cuts, attacked the basket and continued to take high percentage shots to keep the pressure on Colchester until they were forced into a downward spiral of Jackign 3's.  BFA won by 8.

      Coach Jim was besides himself with excitement and immensley proud of the BFA Girls - they fought a good battle and worked extremely hard for everything they got.  BFA Varsity Girls are NOW 1-0.  WOOT!  WOOT!

stay tuned for Milton on 12/9 at Milton.

JV and Varsity Girls will travel to Division 1 Colchester this evening for 6:00 and 7:30 start times.  The first game of the season brings much anticipation and excitement for BOTH teams as they look to kickoff this new season strong.
JV has a good amount or returning players from last season along with some new recruits and are poised for another competative run this season.

Kaysie Unwin
Kirsten Enegrin
Taylor Place
Shawntae Parchment
Gabby Mahoney
Jordan Rock
Hannah Gerke
Lyndsey Wells
Brooke Naylor (Fr)
Brittany Perkins (Fr)
Danielle Russin (Fr)

Varsity has some strength returning as well as some new promising recruits.  The Varsity girls have a great bunch of girls that work hard and WILL have a good season this year.  Roster is:

Kasie Baczewski (Cpt)
Olivia Root (Cpt)
Maureen McGuiess
Ally Airoldi
Paige Gardell
Ruby Bushey (So)
Evyn Banach  (So)
Meghan Bochanski (Fr)
Kayla Baczewski (Fr)
Danielle Sweet (So)
Liz Straaton (So)
Ashley Benard (So)

      My daughter told me that either earlier this week or the end of last week, there was some sort of Law Enforcement 'Sting' at BFA Fairfax.  The story went that there were several undercover agents/officers walking around BFA scoping out the drug scene in the school and they came back a few days later and went looking int he places they discovered previously to be the most likely to find it.  My daughter also heard yesterday that there was potentially going to be one officer and canine unit taking up residence at BFA Fairfax.
       Our discussion first revolved around how she felt about that.  She thought it was good in a sense because she herself had seen more than once a stupid kid or two who'd bring stuff to school to peddle or use supposedly.  She said that the stupidity and blatant foolishness of some of these kids is no doubt a contributing factor in her eyes to why these acts have permeated over from BFA St. Albans.
        We then put in the context of searches without reason or just cause and how seeing it's an educational institution and open to the public, that there's some sort of Privacy Waiver violation codes.  Though she was quick to point out that there's no such thing as privacy in a public place - yet names and details about students are withheld to protect he privacy of the students.

         We had some good pro and con discussions and it rested on "if it keeps students sober in school and drugs out of it - then it's a positive and good thing.

Tales Of Our Community / Fairfax Fletcher Soccer Club
« on: August 27, 2009, 01:04:43 PM »
     The Fairfax Fletcher Soccer Club opened it's Under 8 age level last night and marked the start of yet another year in it's 25+ year history.  It all started out in Fairfax by a few dedicated and devouted parents back then.  Almost instantly it was a hit with great enrollment ( which was back then i think @80.)  It was known then as The Fairfax Soccer Club.
      It wasn't long before the size of the program, which was originally for grades 1-6, forced it out of Fairfax and over to the Fletcher fields.  Soon after, the Club expanded and became 'The Fairfax Fletcher Soccer Club'.  Since then, the way to keep track of time was how many Administrators it went through.  No one has the exact number, but I think the number works out to be about 6-8.  All Admins have seen their share of triumphs - in the form of expansion, and defeats - in the form of vandalism, turf quality and scheduling and space conflicts.  The one constant theme throughout is the dedication to youth of our communities.  No matter what adult issues might have been at play, the benefit of the kids remained the focus.
      FFSC remains committed to providing a fun, safe and educational experience for local youth to this day.  If enrollment and returning players are any sign of success, then FFSC is getting good grades.  In 2004 there were 150 kids in grades K-6.  Enrollment has grown by over 20% the last 3 years alone and as of today, in grades Prek-6, there are 250 kids in the club.  Soccer is alive and well in our area!
      With the continued support of Fairfax & Fletcher citizens, FFSC looks forward to many more years of enriching youths of our communities.  Many Thanks to all that have helped make this CLUB a success both past and present.

     Today, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and the 1/2 grade levels will have their opening day of the Fall soccer season today in Fletcher.  Pre-K & K will be on the field to the right ( U10 & U8 field) when you enter the parking lot.

      1st and 2nd graders will be on the field behind the school ( U12 Field). 

Pre-K - meets at 5:15
K      - meets at 5:00
1/2   - meets at 5:30

      PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY as with 140 kids at this level - there's going to be a lot of folks down there tonight - PEASE BE PATIENT, UNDERSTANDING and above all - SAFE!

      On another note - if the weather is bad - pouring or lightning out when you're getting ready to leave for practice -and it doesn't look to be clearing up - DO NOT GO TO practice.  Coaches will attempt to call all parents starting at 4:00 if the weather is bad.  If you do not receive a call and the weather does not look good or to be clearing up - assume a mix-up in being called and plan on staying home and attending the saturday practice - expect a call from your coach with a time.

General Discussion / Bean Hole Bean Dinner Revival
« on: July 21, 2009, 03:22:09 PM »
The Bean Hole Bean Dinner was an annual event held here in Fairfax.  It was held at ... is it the old baptist church?.. the place folks can't use in the winter anymore due to no heat?..  It was a fun time with seating outside and inside.  When i first moved to Fairfax, it was something that helped me to connect to my new community. 
There was the main attraction of course - the specially made beans, and hot dogs and burgers, and corn amd potaotes and chips and ice tea - kinda like a family barbeque.
A few local folks are exploring putting it back together again.   Community feedback is welcome  - notice the option for wanting to help make it happen - please contact me via PM if interested...

FFSc currently has an URGENT need for 2 Head Coaches at the 3/4 Boys level and 3 Head Coaches at the 1/2 Coed level.  Any interested parties please Contatc Dan Banach ASAP - season starts on 8/18 & 8/26 respectively.

General Discussion / Any word on the Bean Hole Bean Dinner yet?
« on: July 01, 2009, 08:00:19 AM »
Has anyone heard anything about this?  I've enjoyed this event in the past and it's a great way for folks in town to gather and 'socialize'.

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