This is experimental at this time, so just to give you a few hints on how to use it -

1. There is limited space for descriptions of the event, however when you view the calendar, you can click on the event and it will bring up the description I am able to input.

2. You can view the calendar by the day, week, month or year by clicking on the tab at the top of the calendar.

3. You may also print this calendar out to hang on your refrigerator if you wish for easy reference - Change your printer to landscape instead of portrait.

4. I have the ability to authorize individuals with a yahoo ID to update and edit the calendar.

5. As of this point in time, no one has given me any information, so I have had to rely on The Library Web Site, Buyers Digest and St. Albans Messenger - Changes in schedules can occur and I would not be aware of it, so it would be best to verify before planning to attend any of the community events.

Give it a try by clicking on the following link:

Fairfax Community Calendar