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BFA Sports Events / Summer Basketball for Girls 2009
« on: April 02, 2009, 06:47:25 AM »
     Another good girls basketball season has gone by.  A lot of Good things were seen this year despite various records.  We had a loyal fan base that stuck with us through thick and thin.  Both JV and Varsity had some shining moments where you could see they were having fun and being successful.
     That said, now it's time to think ahead and begin to train for it and get better.  The TOP 4 Things girls need to practice night and day when they can until next season ARE:

1) Ball-handling.  If you can't dribble down the court, holding your own against a defender, without looking down near the ball, you got a lot of work to do.
2) Shooting.  Points win games ( well great defense and points wins games but we'll ge t to that).  Force yourself to learn the proper form and function of a shot and get as close to it as possible - allowing for what feels good to you.
3) Defense.  BFA Girls defense has been fairly good in recent years.  Conditioning, foot work, constant movement, and hunger are essential to good defense.
4) Rebounding/Boxing out.  Rebounds limit opportunities of the other team to score hands down.  Learning to identify when wand where shots come from, and then asserting position is KEY to rebounding.

     This summer there will be 'Summer Basketball Workouts' for girls again.  Coach Jim ( and various guests from the collegiate level and beyond), Coach Banach, and Coach Moore will be working 2 days a week with the varsity.  Coach Banach and Coach Moore will also be holding a workout for Those not-quite-ready-for-the-varsity-level-yet---more-like-JV Workouts.  Incoming Freshman are welcome to attend.  Workouts mainly consist of drills and scrimmage.

      Stayed Tuned for Start Dates and what days of the week workouts will be.

...... that that feeling was in the air.  Our BFA Boys have been on a multi-year journey, trudging through some tough times, en route to where they'll be tomorrow.
In the hallowed halls of the Finals.  Determination, grit and refusal to give up has enabled the BFA boys to peak at the best time - in the playoffs.  Tomrrow, MANY MANY MANY a local resident will make the pilgrimage to Barre to support our team and take part in history.  A key factor in our boys success is the support from their community.  they feed off of it, thus all fans will need to bring THEIR A - GAME in cheering, noise and volume to help the BFA boys ride a wave to victory.  GO BULLETS.

The BFA Boys Basketball team prepares at this very moment to travel to Lake Region tonight, HUNGRY for payback.  The players, coming off 2 post-season wins, are feeling the flow and determined heading into tonight's match-up.  Lake Region's defense will pressure BFA's preimter shooting and will look to deny BFA any inside presence.  BFA will need to use it's fast-paced movement of the ball, fierce attacks on the basket, and positioning to grab key rebounds to over throw the Lake Region regime. 

Energy is the KEY and BFA's FAN BASE usually provides BFA with immense amounts of it.  GO BULLETS!

Game is at 7:00 in Lake Region.  Make the Journey to support your hard-working, high-spirited BFA Lady Bullets.

The BFA JV Girls have taken an interest in competing with Enosburg Teams in the past few years.  Having won 1 of the last 3 meetings, and traveling to play them for the final time this season, are looking to impose their will and drive upon Enosburg tuesday night.  Watch for BFA to bring it's most intimidating defense to date and a much improved offense since the last match to to this game.  A battle is most likely to occur if BFA can't impose it's offensive dominance early on in the game, but this JV Girls team is no stranger to battling to the end and keepiong their wits abotu them while in the process.  "The Heart, focus and sheer will of this season's team is impressive.  When healthy and  all pistons are firing, this JV group can compete with anyone," a source from BFA was quoted saying.

Make the journey to support your local and future Girls basketball team!

Renata Flanigan (11th grade), a BFA JV Captain, played in her first varsity game on Tuesday night and scored 12ptd and had 11 rebounds to help lead Fairfax to victory.  Both Renata  and Ashley Benard ( 9th) were called up to Varsity on tuesday for the BFA-Winooski rematch as Injuries have plagued BFA in these last few weeks with 3 players out.  In addition, 2 players were lost to Academic prior commitments leaving varsity with only 6 players. 

Ashley Benard and Renata Flanigan energized the defense and team which sparked an idling BFA team to outscore Winooski for most of the game. 
The Varsity girls got to have some fun last night which is always a great way to break up a season of development.  Coach Driscoll was pleased with his teams performance overall and psyched they were able to have so much funand enjoy themselves.


The JV(7-7) and Varsity(5-11) girls basketball teams will host Northfield tonight in the HS gym at 6:00 and 7:30 p.m. respectively.  The JV squad is coming off a well fought and victorious battle in Peoples last Thursday and are looking to finish the season on a 4 game win-streak.  Thus far this season, the JV squad has fought some heavy battles at home - treating crowds to some nail-biting great games - some victorious, some not ( Enosburg will fall next week on tuesday when BFA travels to avenge the first 3 pt loss).
The varsity squad continues to learn and grow in skill but shrink in size.  In the last 2 weeks, 2 players have been lost for the season due to injuries, and another due to come back, reinjured herself.  Thus BFA is riding at an 8 player roster as of now.  Coach Jim devouts a lot of energy and spirit to the varsity girls, encouraging them where and whenever he can.

Come on out and support your BFA JV & Varsity Girls basketball teams.  Come early and get a good seat!  :)

The BFA Girls JV and Varsity teams will host Peoples Academy from Morrisville.  Both JV and Varsity are coming off a hard fought loss to WIlliamstown on saturday  Where JV was up until 4th qtr and lost in the final seconds, And varsity caught willliamstown off guard for a while there, but evenutally lost.

The Girls Teams continue to battle in every game no matter what the outcome or situation.  Varsity Girls have been learning a lot and keeping a good perspective - knowing their youth and inexperience are key factors this year.  They just try to get better, hussle moe, and make baskets each game.

The JV squad continues to evolve and mature with each game.  The hussle and heart alone of the this years team rivals any JV Girls team in recent BFA history.  A lot of parents and community members have devouted A LOT of time, energy, and care to these kids over the years and it shows in the way they listen, observe and respond to coaching.  With such a exciting and good first hald of the season, one can only wonder what sort of nail-biters the second half will hold.

BFA Sports Events / BFA JV Girls vs Enosburg - the Rematch - 1-6-9 @6:00
« on: January 05, 2009, 08:52:37 AM »
Last season, the JV girls of BFA had a rough start to their season.  Injuries, youth, and focus were issues for BFA until about game 6 of the year when the team started to gell as a unit.  The first half of the season last year, saw lost close games or potential blow-outs become battles.

Enosburg AWAY last season was an eye-opener for the JV girls.  They were subjected to a first half barrage that exploited their lack of focus and discipline on BOTH sides of the ball.  The second half HOWEVER, saw BFA's defense tighten up, and it's press start to inflict major chaos on Enosburg.  Though BFA lost this game, their second half poise spoke volumes of their potential.

The second meeting of the year saw a different BFA team from the get-go.  More poised, smarter, faster, more aggresive, and shooting 50% or better.  After slow start, BFA went up by 1 going into the half, 7 into the 4th, and won the game in the end.  BFA succeeded in causing havoc on defense and getting some great offense from the players.
Look for a good game on both sides tomorrow from both teams.  Highlights to come on wednesday in the Highlights Thread.

BFA Sports Events / BFA Girls Basketball 2008-2009 Game Highlights
« on: December 08, 2008, 10:32:19 AM »
Friday 12/05/08
BFA JV & Varsity Girls vs Colchester.


JV Girls had a good beginning , sinking 1 of 2 foul shots of a technical foul for inaccurate information submitted to offical score keepers.  Held colchester scoreless for 2 minutes of the game but quickly succumbed to nerves, sliding to a 17-2 deficit.  Girls refocused their efforts an went on a 7-2 run in the 2nd quarter - holding Colchester to 2 points. 
3rd quarter held more 'nerve' mistakes for BFA and saw colchester go on a double digit run, building over a 22 point lead over fairfax.  4th quarter showed a determined BFA, as the girls went on a 14-4 run and shrunk colchester's lead to 12 points, despite BFA's starting PG absence with an injury.
The JV girls, though possessing a substantial amount of athleticism, will seek to make progress of the nerves affliction tonight against Milton.


The Varsity Girls began strong and energetic against overall bigger and better shooting line-up from Colchester's varsity squad.  End of first saw BFA with a 7 to 1 lead over Colchester. 
BFA's mental poise diminished a bit in the second, no thanks to questionable officiating ( one could see 5 finger hand marks on arms, backs and even faces of multiple players - talking about street ball lol), but still managed a 1 point lead going into Half time.
3rd quarter saw BFA's slide continue as shots just wouldn't fall and the uncalled muggings continued.  BFA succumbed to Colchester's will and went down by 4 going into the 4th. 
With the extremely high level of 'allowed' contact, it was inevitable that someone would get hurt, and midway through the 4th - a colchester girl seriously hurt her knee ( knee cap).  BFA slid yet further and colchester racked up a double digit lead.  In the final 3 minutes though - BFA rallied and came close to breaking into a single digit lead but time expired.
Not a bad game by BFA - and definitely winnable with a few less mistakes.
Another big test for varsity comes tonight against Milton. 

Will be held on Wednesday 11/12 at BFA.  Check With office for exact tiem and location of meeting.

     As always, we've planted more than we can consume.  We're wondering fi there's any local charity or organization that distributes donated produce to local families in need.  We'll head to the food shelf in B-town if not, but thought we look to help our local neighbors first. 

Looking ahead, next years Girls B-ball teams look solid

        The incoming freshman class has at least 15 known players based on last years numbers in 8th grade at Fairfax.  That's not taking into account any possible players from other surrounding areas.  Many of them have been playing for 5+years.  There's a good mix of heigth, strength, speed, agility and leadership. 
         The JVA Girls team will most certainly see large numbers and will face the challenges that go with them.

        The JV Girls team will most likely and as always, endure some reformatting as some players will be drafted by Varsity.  The JV level, which is intended to prepare players for varsity play, is a tricky level to build.  The most difficult part of the JVA-JV-Varsity transition is adapting to the learning process, expectations, and work ethic.  At each level, the bar or standard is raised significantly more.  The way in which players adapt translates into how well they play at that level. 

         The JV Girls team will see some familiar faces returning, providing a solid base in which to build on.  There will surely be some new faces earning their promotions from JVA. 

          The Varsity Girls team will also see considerable change, With only 5 returning players.  Coach Driscoll will be looking to develop some chemistry this summer as well as to last season's JV squad no doubt for both replacements AND reinforcements.  It wouldn't hurt to get a nice transfer STAR either :)
          All in all though, any player who sets their mind to it, and shows up for their summer and fall workouts could be pivotal next season.  COmbine that with Coach Driscolls tact and drive and next year could turn out to be as good as last season was if not better for varsity Girls.

Stay tuned for Boys Write-up.

General Discussion / Motivations in Athletics
« on: May 16, 2008, 10:12:40 AM »
     I was a youngin once, not too long ago either.  I remember some of the things that went through my mind as a young and gifted athlete.  I try to use that knowledge in my coaching, sometimes to no avail, sometimes to my advantage.  Despite my mindful approach, I find it increasingly harder to rectify a positive approach and Maintaining order.  SOmetimes positive and upbeat approaches are mistaken for fun-loving and easy-going i guess.
     I've been coaching now for a few years, mainly my daughters teams.  I've realized as their lives get more complex with social issues and liking boys, they seem to get harder to teach and it's harder to hold a firm line and be respected for it.  I'm a firm believer in using fun and occupied attention to teach.  MY MAIN rule is respect.  There's always going to be times where the group is rowdy or we're having too much fun, but the norm HAS GOT TO BE RESPECT.  Without it, coaches can't teach skills effectively, players can't listen effectively, and the team can't nurtutre it's unity and integrity.  ALL important components of Team Sports and ALL a little more complex to teach Concisely.
     I coached a team of young adults this past year.  I absorbed a lot of information both directly and indirectly from these adolescents.  THOUGH they pushed the limits of my patience, of my respect for them, of indeed our very progress, they reaffirmed what MY MOTIVATIONS are.  Whether players play sports due to personal passion, or for public image, or for fitness, i'm there to help them excel at their goals.  I'm there to provide a regimented approach to preparation and execution of their training and contest play.  I WANT to be there because i WANT to see them succeed.  I'm there, dogging each one of them because I SEE their potential and It's my mission to bring that out.
     The first step is to talk out what our Motivations are on a team and then set a commonly-agreed upon goal outlining what everyone's role in achieving it will be.  Get everyone to 'Believe' and 'BUY-in' to plan.  One of my best seasons coaching we had a smaller than average team with some young players on it.  We talked about mindsets.  We talked about positivity on and off the court.  We talked about not only believing in ourselves, but also visualizing our successes.  And ABOVE all, keeping a mental calm.  Against many odds, that team that season went 12 and 5.   To this very day it stands out in my mind as a testament to what anyone and any team can do when they ALL believe it and thus work for it.

Current News & Events / More Brush FIres.....
« on: April 22, 2008, 02:30:31 PM »
There was one on friday on Goose Pond rd.  It looked like Hay that was being used to help grow grass had caught on fire - the whole yard ( 100' x 70+' ) was engulfed.  Luckily it was put out quick.

ALSO just heard about one in cambridge on wall road i think it was....

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