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Political Issues/Comments / Vermont Rating -- 49th
« on: April 10, 2015, 11:26:58 AM »

All --- I discussed my overall concerns about the small town economics and lack of high paying jobs in VT .. See this article for an example of my concerns .. Not sure how valid the study was but it clearly illustrates Vermont as a Non-Prosperous State .. 49th .. 


and a source article here :


From the State level -- who is responsible for job Creation ??   My take if you want to move up on this list,  you take a look at successful programs,  determine what will work in VT .. And deploy a set of programs to bring the right set of jobs to the state...

Mike M


Thanks for taking the time to post. 

Multiple points we are in agreement on,  including the infrastructure investments Bernie has spoke of often.  Put our Fed Tax  $$$$ to work,  kick-start America,  while improving our transportation system a WIN-WIN any-way you look at it.  ( as long as the contracting process is fair and equitable )    I am also in agreement with the comment about sending Billions overseas for various assistance programs.  Invest in Americans, train versus hand-out.   

As for your job ads comments,  you are right, I've not taken the time to review anything recently.  Although the On-Line Process totally stinks, I have a relative who is currently interviewing for a part-time minimum wage position.  (  working with young cancer patients )  Four Interviews later,  she is still waiting on the results, in a very competitive environment.  ( Intern kind of thing ).  As an aside,  during the interview process she was asked to " Sing her favorite song "  .. I guess the interviewed was testing on quickly the interviewee  could respond to a situation ... sounds pretty dumb to me .. but I digress ..

Finally,  I realized I changed topic in mid-stream,  Budgets versus Spending,  we are in agreement again, " only spend what you take in " , simple economics.  My original reason for posting.   From my own perspective,  I took a very nice ride from Fairfax to Hardwick on to Cabot and Marshfield then through Groton down to Orange, Barre, Montpelier, Waterbury, Jonesville, Richmond and back home via Essex Center and Westford.    The small rural towns are literally falling apart,  including beautiful old homes,  barns, former stores, and down-town areas.  Why are these rural areas failing ?  ( I literally drove down small streets too, including Johnson, Hardwick, Marshfield, Plainfield and Cabot ) My perspective,  the local jobs are not available to keep these areas prosperous ,, and if you have a decent job,  local,  state and federal taxes burn a hole in your pocket and the  individual is left with little to improve their situation ..  How do you fix this .. my take,  the State needs to invest in more light Industry, Manufacturing, thus increasing the local tax base and the state coffers too ... my two cents ..



Thanks for the input,  I subscribe to several of the Bernie Forums .. Totally agree on your point, Free everything from College to healthcare on top of the existing welfare programs   .. Who Pays for all this free stuff Bernie ?    The Working community is not able to continue to support the majority of non-workers ..   We pay taxes because your drink soda ??? That approach doesn't solve the real problem -- There are too any taxes today, not enough spending control with not enough people paying taxes.  Why are folks not paying taxes ?? My response NO JOB Available ......

Bernie needs to focus on getting people to work.  Vermonters need jobs ..  Vermont needs more corporations .. jobs represent transformational progress .. Good jobs not minimum wage stuff.  but working wages .. Who is working on obtaining jobs for Vermonters ?    What is his solution for this approach ?  Partner with business,  if welders are needed,  train some welders, if machinists are needed, train them,   grow the Vermont Products list  ...  How about government incentives for new Business .. compete against New York State -- rather than lose to NY State...   



Thoughts on the proposed new tax ?     

What's next ?   Why not a 2 Cent per ounce tax on Water Purchases ?    Lot's of folks buy water .. tax them !

Micro-Breweries are popular -- Add a Specific 2 cent per ounce tax for local Beer makers  ...

Another Option adopt the Washington State plan ..  Pay to drive .. 2 cents per mile ... 

The issue here is not enough Tax $$$$ or too much spending .. Government doesn't cut .. they add ... .So think about adding more revenue from Businesses !!!!     

How about taking a look at the New York State Program that is attracting businesses and using this approach in VT ?  Of course specific Industrial Zones would need to be defined.  Adding New Businesses,  creates an expanded tax base and also should keep some young professionals in-state.  Isn't it true that VT has the oldest median age of any state ?  No Jobs == Young Professionals moving to other states to find employment ..  Down-ward slide needs to be fixed ..

Partial Article from the Free Press below :

MONTPELIER A proposed tax on sugar-sweetened beverages may be seeing new life in Vermont, while prospects for new revenue from bottle deposits and a tax on grocery bags look dim.

Lawmakers have been focusing on those consumer products this week as they look for new ways to raise money and to discourage what some see as unhealthy habits. The process is far from over, with the bills still to be debated by the full House and then sent to the Senate.

Still alive, and perhaps gaining momentum as of Friday, was a 2-cents-per-ounce tax on sugar-sweetened beverages to be paid at wholesale. It was being heard by the House Ways and Means Committee after winning support in the Health Care Committee a day earlier.

The roughly $30 million the tax is projected to raise each year would go toward increasing Medicaid payments to doctors and other health providers, with the aim of taking pressure off the rates they charge to private insurers.

Thanks for Publishing ..very interesting stuff....  Some of us still call the small gradual hill between The Browns River and the Plains Cemetery, Foss Hill .. That's what Raymond called it ..... and the New Tool Shed ( around 45 years young )  sits on the Foss barn foundation.  The shed is located to the south side of the 150 Year Old House, aka Foss House,   which sits across the road from the Plains Cemetery ... Current resident of the Foss house:  Raymond's Grandson,  David and Family ..   And for those still interested .. The Foss Family continues to reside in Fairfax,  although all are buried, and you guessed it by now,  across the road in the beautiful Plains Cemetery.. You can't get much closer to your final resting place than living directly across the little dirt road ....  David you can wait another 64 years to match Aleita Foss ..... :-)

Current News & Events / Re: Conversation With Larry Leach Yesterday
« on: January 29, 2014, 04:59:45 PM »

I have a photograph of a very cold day in Fairfax.

Handwritten Message on the back:

Feb 8, 1951
37 degrees below zero
Raymond McNall

He is in front of Alderman's store,  driving a team of horses, pulling a sled loaded down with his milk cans,  he was taking his product to the creamery, located near Silva Thibaults Store and House ...  I'll try to scan it and post here.

Mike M

Stay Warm ..

Political Issues/Comments / Re: Shake Up on Health Care Committee
« on: December 19, 2013, 12:25:21 PM »

Looks like the Democrates in Montpelier want to work like their Feds in Washington.   I've sure the Single Payer plan will be a great deal for all .. Dems are leaders in healthcare Facilitation ...


Bunch of Old Farts on this forum .. including me .. although being the young 53 that I am .. I fell like the new 40 ...

Mike M  .. BFA Class of '77

Current News & Events / Re: Georgia Mountain Wind Open House
« on: June 12, 2013, 12:04:16 PM »

I will visit the website --- but thought I'd ask here .. seeking additional information from the Henry Raymond Fairfax Information Website community .

Why does this private endevour have the word :  Community in their name ?  .....  Georgia Mountain Community Wind farm 

How does the company represent Community ?  Specifically, who is the Community ?

Do the local  'Communities' benefit ?  Does this Wind Farm pay local taxes to either/or Milton Georgia ?

Does the GHCW provide dividends ( aka Alaska ) to the members of the Community ? 

Bottomline ... How do the Commmunities directly benefit from this project ?

The title leads you to beleive this a 'Community' Project  ...  Please help me understand ..

Mike M

Tales Of Our Community / Re: Dr. Roger Mann, At 101 Still The Needle Man
« on: February 18, 2013, 11:05:23 AM »
Henry --- Thanks for posting -- Gramp and Gram, both went to Dr. Mann ( Raymond & Vera McNall ) ---  I went as a visitor on several occassions,  waiting in the 'lobby' of his office in Jeffersonville.    A remarkable man,  can you imagine his type of care in the 2010's ? 

Mike M -- Class of '77


Very Nice Jo


Chilly ... Enjoy the view and quiet time Henry == Peace on Earth !


really -- It's about Time !!

If you were running a business and you had to continually borrow Billions of  $$ every year to stay in business --  You must cut costs ...   Federal Government has no clue how to run a business .. .. In their mind,  it's OK to borrow, just to pay the bills and worry about it later .... Say nothing about the pay and benefits ... Simple Business Case Review,  this model stinks -- fix it ...   This is only a band-aid too -- Why thrown away Billions -- Fix it ..

Current News & Events / Re: Best Day Since November 27th
« on: December 09, 2012, 10:40:18 AM »
Sending some healing Vibes Henry's way .. 

Couple of tips :  Maple Syrup cures all and donuts are a close second ..

Mike M

Current News & Events / Re: Taking a little time off
« on: December 02, 2012, 11:12:28 PM »


Good Luck to you --  positive thoughts headin' your way .

Mike M

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