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« : September 17, 2015, 08:17:19 PM »

I love the Title conversation. We paid for one thing, got something else, and didn't call to tell them they delivered the wrong thing. Usually you don't pay for something until you receive it. As to who changed to get the purchase and sale, you could just call and ask who ordered that. I'm a little worried about a group who doesn't want to commit funds because of worries about grants and costs, but will spend money and have no idea why they paid for what they received. Very odd.

I also love that more people show up for a meeting in favor of this project than most other issues that have come up all year and for some reason members imply that there should have been an uproar. Has anyone looked at voter turnout. Actual voters, not eligible voters, are far fewer than eligible. Only 42% turned out last time. That's just over 1,300 people out of 3,100. So to take the item to voters is to say that less than half the group speaks for the whole. Well if that's ok and you were elected to make decisions by the percentage that you seem to think matter, then why not just make a decision. That's what elected officials do.

Then there's grant talk about finding out what actual dollar amount are available. Well when it comes to water, all I've heard is there is money but there are never amounts until the process is started. Now for some reason this project requires amounts before hand. Seems like the Rec Department has to provide more details than the Water Dept.

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