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Greetings! Welcome to the Fairfax Historical Society Homepage!

A Fund Raiser
The Fairfax Historical Society is offering to do a deed research of your home. A Century Award plaque will be presented if evidence shows it was built more than one hundred years ago and the year will be added to the plaque if verified by the research.

A monetary donation is requested to raise money for repairs and maintenance to the building and the displays at the museum on Main Street. Please contact S.Sweet at or S.Rainville at for more information.

Fairfax Historical Society
President: (Open)
Vice-President: Michael Cain (849-6638)
Secretary: Barb Duvall
Treasurer: Elaine Kirkpatrick
Board of Directors:
Paddy Shea
Paul Lavallee
Carol Graves

Have you tried the search engine at the bottom of this page????
Put in a name and see if maybe the individual you are looking for is buried in one of our 13 cemeteries?
If you don't find it there, send me a note and I will search the Fairfax Town Records for you -


Good Afternoon Everyone!

A couple of quick notes:

Pie and Ice Cream Social will be June 28, 2015 at 7pm at the Baptist Building on Main Street.
The Fairfax Historical Society will be meeting Sunday May 17th at 7pm at the FAIRFAX COMMUNITY LIBRARY.

I have been informed that the school has not been able to find anyone to buy or move the old principal's hose/ old town office and that it will be torn down. I have arraigned for us to tour the building before it comes down.

You can either e-mail me here(hit reply), or my e-mail on my phone is Phone is 849-6638. Some of you have my cell # and can call that. Thanks for listening. Mike
The schedule may be subject to change, and more events may be added.

For more information, please call 849-6638.
Michael Cain
Fairfax Historical Society
PO Box 145
Fairfax, VT 05454

Museum Open
July 2nd - August 27th on Sundays from 2-4 p.m.
September 17th & 24th - October 1st & 8th from 2-4 p.m.

Looking for identification
Click on the link below for a photo of the Legislature before 1934 - Theodore Marvin is in the photo and has been identified. William Shepardson is also in the photo, but has not been identified.
History of Fairfax Book states that Theodore Marvin was Town Representative in 1925

Legislature before 1934

Click on any of the topics below for additional information and photos of Fairfax, Vt.

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Do you have family members visiting and would like to have a tour of our museum?

Would your group or organization like to step back into Fairfax' Past?

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E-mail Mike Cain at or call him at
(802) 849-6638 for any additional information

Email Mike Cain (President of Fairfax Historical Society)

If you have comments or suggestions on the site, please E-mail me


Please come back soon and visit our site.

Fairfax Historical Society
PO Box 145
1181 Main Street
Fairfax,VT 05454

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