(These photos are all through the courtesy of Mike McNall Fairfax Native)

Mike sent a note and offered to share these photos with us. He actually scanned them on computer disks for me and hand delivered them. Unfortunately, I was not home at the time, but on the behalf of The Fairfax Historical Society and The People Of Fairfax, Many, Many Thanks.
You will also notice this is an Ad-Free Site on www.vtgrandpa.com which was given to me by another former Fairfax young man, Larry Ward. It is very touching to me, when young men like Mike & Larry come foward and share with us, just for the sake of doing something nice.
Henry A. Raymond

Main Street at the center of Fairfax

The above corner store - Now Vermont Food Ventures

I have seen this photo a number of times, but cannot identify it's exact location - help??

Barn in the foreground is on the Old Orton Place

I have driven up Route 104 and it looks like this may have been taken from the Pigeon Farm, but certainly will accept any corrections

Fairfax Falls, or The Great Falls has been highly photographed over the years

This photo is in excellent condition - in color and almost 100 years old

Another great color photo - Notice the number of Manufacturing Businesses

Apparently a later photo as some businesses were removed after 1902

Best photo of the Tunnel I have ever seen - Would love to go down there today

Henry A. Raymond
July 21, 2003