Howard & Winona Leach's Hardware & Andy's Barbershop in 1966

Howard & Winona Leach's Hardware Store and Andy Rocheleau's Barbershop
(Now a 5-apartment building)

Howard Parsons ABC Store
(Now the Foothills Bakery)

Ed Thibeault's IGA & U.S. Post Office on right
(Now Vermont Food Ventures)

Raymond & Betty Howard's Store
(Now Nan's Mobil)

Although only 44 years ago, the village of Fairfax, Vermont has taken on a completely new look since that time. The above photos were taken from the 1966 issue of the BFA Bellows Buzzer as well as the following information:

Bernard Keefe was principal of BFA, Dean Blake was selling Cedar Fence Post and Rails and doing Bulldozing, as well as selling Rustic Fence and maple syrup. John Lebel was running what is now Ross's Auto Repair. Hillcrest Poultry Farm was then owned by Reggie & Joyce Barkyoumb and their business was selling only Strictly Fresh Eggs, while Donald Boutin's Shell Station, located near the old St. Luke's Church was going strong selling Chain Saws and Lawnboy mowers along with the Shell Station business. At the further end of town, Dewell Decker, who formerly owned Nan's Mobil was operating his new store where Minor's Country Store is today.

Anyone having any further information, or photos of what Fairfax was like in 1966, please contact Mike Cain or myself at mcain@together.net or vtgrandpa@aol.com.

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