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: What a Christmas Present!!!  ( 5167 )
Rev. Elizabeth
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« : December 16, 2015, 11:47:59 AM »

We had, through a mutual acquaintance in La Primavera. made contact with each other on  Facebook, though I can only contact her husband, and then, it seems he is only on Facebook once a week. Nonetheless,  we exchanged greetings.  I shared a photo. He sent a photo of Antonio, their son   whom I have sponsored since he was 5.  Then one message  was an abrupt request for my phone number, nothing else.  I sent it to them,  thinking nothing of it. After all, she  is in Nicaragua, I am  here,  how could they possibly afford to call me?

For some reason two  Monday nights ago, I decided to answer the phone, which I usually ignore. Most often,it is one of those  the caller/machines telling me my credit account is good, or did I know that old people are robbed every 20 seconds or similar nonsense. And when the/it/ they caller hear “Reverend...” they/it disconnects. But this time was different. Something said ‘answer the phone.’
Perhaps it was someone for Operation Happiness.
 “Griffins,” I said, ”may I help you?”
 And then this little, scratchy  sweet voice said, “Hola, Dona Elizabeth, es Marta, la madre de Antonio.”
Oh, I said, “Oh, Marta, mi amiga.”

I think most of our conversation revolved around saying how happy each of us was to hear the other’s voice.  I sent birthday greetings to Antonio who will be 15.  She told me they were having a celebration for him at their church.  I tried to ask her for a mailing address, not sure if my Spanish was remotely coherent or if they even had a mailing address.  

I told here there was no snow; that it was chilly; that I was happy to hear her voice.

After more joyous burblings and we said buenas noches and hung up.  I was jubilant.  Fred was happy for my happiness.  What a blessing; what a present.  I felt filled, loved.  I remembered her saying how important it was that I remembered her.   Now, she was remembering me!

And then, days later her address appeared in Facebook message.  It is a  typical Nicaraguan address.   Four blocks toward the lake, one block past the culvert, the purple house on the right.  I have no idea if anything I send will actually get there. But I will experiment. I will send a little gift and hope that it actually arrives.

Meanwhile, I hear her voice in my mind and heart and I smile. 

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night! 
(to read more about Marta, scroll back to my story, "Marta, mi amiga."
« : December 17, 2015, 08:17:20 AM Rev. Elizabeth »
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« #1 : December 16, 2015, 05:25:27 PM »

What a lovely recognition for us all of what is a true gift, as are you to our community.
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