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I do.  My comments were directed at the information being provided in the first post in order to strengthen the argument at hand.

FULL 100% Health coverage of employees is coveted benefit quickly going away.  We could get in the WHY, and WHAT IS pushing Health Costs up, but it's more prudent and on subejct to say, that proposed changes AREN'T that major when all the facts are on the table.  True - it's a down-side that a payroll deduction will result, but if it means the employees maintain 100% coverage, and the Spouses can too for a small price, it's worth it.  The alternatives are much worse - such as the plan i'm in where regardless of how often you see the Doctor, each dependent has a $200 deductible.  Now that doesn't include preventative check-ups, but for routine visits - we pay the WHOLE price.  Nothing drove the current insurance climate home harder then wehen our daughter was injured in soccer this year.
A quick trip to the ER, no more than 50 words from the doctor and 50 from the nurse and a pair of crutches cost $3000.  Our insurance covered everything after our FAMILY deductible of $600.  So those 100 words and that 20 minutes of service - cost us $600.  that's on top of what i pay each pay period to HAVE that cvoverage ( $350 fo rthe family)
AGAIN, a modest payroll deduction for 100% coverage would be a highly sought benefit anywhere.

As an outsider to this issue, I'm a bit confused on whatteh ACTUAL facts are.  Does hte change call for dropping mulitple dependents from coverage OR is recalibrate Fairfax's approach to more closely reflect the norm.  The new norms are based on skyrocketing Health care costs, so these new normas are in part to protect employers and their ability to provide stable and quality occupational opportunities.
IF, the new change is to effectively CUT all additional dependents from the town workers policy in order to closer reflect those norms - than I have to say it is an option, but what woudl the employee's insurance coverage end up?  Would their coverage remain at 100%?   If so, that's nto a bad trade-off, especially with Vt Universal Healthcare taking off.
But really, wouldn't it cause less friction and hard feelings if the plan was to instead leave all dependents on the policy and just change to a 'Co-Pay' or "partial pay out of pocket' approach?  I firmly beleive that involving said employees in the decision, would've have avoided hard feelings and allowed for them to SEE the necessity of it.  Makign a decision, especially one that looks nit-picky on paper, that's going to affect quality employees livlihoods, without warning of it being an issue or getting feedback from the employees, seems authoritarian. 

7) Oxbow 50, (10) BFA-Fairfax 42: At Bradford, Hannah Larochelle tallied seven of her game-high 16 points in the game's final two minutes to lift Oxbow past Fairfax.

BFA (11-10) had a one-point lead with two minutes left in the fourth quarter before Larochelle unloaded her last seven points, including a deep 3-pointer.

Kayla Musty added 15 points for Oxbow (13-8).

Casey Baczewski tallied 12 points and Olivia Root scored 10 for the Bullets.

Current News & Events / Re: Sooooooooo!! Whats It like Out There
« on: February 27, 2008, 09:31:45 AM »
Just drove to Williston via 104 past minors, to rte 128, to Woods Hollow Rd, to Old stage rd in essex, to the circ highwy, to williston.  The roads in fiarfax weren't bad, but were sloshy in some spots - which tends to make the back end slide 'round on turns.  Old stage had 1-2" crumbly mix of snow and sand.  At first didn't look fun but managed a steady 40.  Did a steady 34-40 mph for the whole trip.  Made the 20 mile trip in 50 minutes.

The Girls Varsity Basketball Team was to begin their hunt for postseason glory tonight with a trip to Bradford Vermont to Visit Oxbow on their home court, but due to weather, worsening weather/driving conditions both locally and in transit, the game will be postponed until tomorrow same time, same place. 
This especially good for Fairfax, who's LOYAL and ESSENTIAL Fans stood to be stuck in Fairfax this evening.  Waiting a day will greatly improve the Fairfax Faithful's turnout tomorrow both for scheduling AND for better driving conditions.

"If you can't play in your own house, Bring your own house with you"....... come support your Fairfax girl's journey into postseason play. 

I was there and i can vouch for the Energy of the crowd.  These girls have treated almost Every crowd to some sort of a show this season.  Even in blow-outs they managed to get some runs on the other team and confuse them on offense. 
The defense this year was scary - like a train wreck sometimes it was so wild, but it certainly served to frazzle opponents.  Enosburg was an example of how even a great team can be knocked off their mental game.  In the end it's more than a physical war out there - in the end it's a battle of nerves and wits too.  This team has had blinding rays of progress and success this season - dullened only by injuriies and simple snowballing mistakes.  "I'll be watching them next year for sure - some games were closer and more exciting than the Varsitys,"  one Game-goer stated.

Great Story!  Enosburg beat the JV soundly the first time - but that was before the team found it's stride.  They ended the season on a 4 game winning streak!

See BFA Sporting News ... for complete Article.  or click below...


On February 16 2008, the Junior Varsity Girls basketball team achieved a validating 47-38 win over Enosburg.  Even to anyone not having followed their season-long journey rife with obstacles, there could be felt a certain energy in the air.  Anyone lucky enough to attend were treated to a game of physical perseverance and mental resiliency.

        First quarter began with nerves afflicting Fairfax, and Enosburg capitalizing on turnovers.  Enosburg took a quick 6 point lead before the Bullets called time out.  Straight out from the break though, the Bullets played with a different tone - playing solid defense and creating key turnovers.  The Bullets maintained their defensive barrage and offensive poise throughout the second quarter, going into half time up by 1.

        The notable difference in this second meeting of the 2 teams was the Bullets commitment to remaining mentally in the game, thus limiting mistakes on both sides of the ball.  The third quarter proved BFA's plan was working, as the JV girls managed to go up by 10 pts at one point and ended the quarter up by 8.  4th quarter showed the true grit, determination, and sheer will of BFA as the JV girls withstood an impressive comeback by Enosburg before a double time out was called.  BFA came out from the break strong, pouncing on Enosburg nerves and forcing turnovers.  BFA converted 3 Enosburg turnovers to go up by 6 before last ditch fouling propelled the Bullets up by 9, securing the game.

        "This is HUGE.  We discussed what the word PRIDE meant for us.  We talked about keeping focus for 32 minutes of basketball.  We spoke about holding the line, of refusing to ease up for any reason… about only relying on each other and no one else to win this.  It's so easy to be distracted mentally in-game - uncalled hard fouls, slight injuries, teammates level of play - so many things can affect the psychological game.  These girls CHOSE their destiny today, and would NOT be denied.  Any team that brings that kind of heart to the floor for 32 minutes, should be feared,"  Coach Dan Banach stated. 

        The Junior Varsity Girls end their season 8-9 officially with a win over Richford, but were so very close in so many other  games.  With several returning fundamental players , next season holds high hopes for even more progress and successes.  Go Bullets!


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