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General Discussion / Re: Beaver Pond
« on: September 05, 2013, 02:44:43 PM »
yeah in that little gully - they flooded the whole area..... methinks the close proximity to the road eventually flushed them out

General Discussion / Re: Beaver Pond
« on: September 04, 2013, 08:21:51 AM »
not sure if it still active, but there were a few on Woods hollow rd.   about 1-2 miles in there's marshy area and some water.  there use to be one there but the folks living there have banished the beavers and undermined their damm building for obvious reasons ( road travel).  BUT, as you pass that area and head towards essex - i think the beavers moved to further down that Marshy area, One could see it in the distance at one point.  I haven't noticed it since i've been traveling that road again.

General Discussion / Re: Is 128 still total chaos?
« on: September 03, 2013, 03:31:36 PM »
That's nto just dirt - it's some sort of oily mixture as they'd need to spray water way to often.  If you check out the bottom of your car or near your tires you can feel it.   Years back when i had a black car, you could see the build up after a few weeks.  And it doesn't come off to easy either.

Chain Link fence around the WHOLE premise would help keep the grounds safe.  My 2 cents.

I'd contact Dan Banach at 849-9356.  Registrations can be downloaded from the facebookpage - Fairfax Fletcher Soccer Club ( under organizations) or he can send you one via email.  There's an open house this saturday from 9:00 - 11:00 at the Fletcher Elementary Fields as well.  If you want to register your child, i'd head down to the Open House - as if the weather permits - there may be some mini practices after the meat and potatoes are done.

Prek - 6th grade ( ages 4-12 ) registration deadline was 7/4, though we're still accepting registrations for the U8 age group ( prek - 2nd grade ) registration is closed for the U10 ( 3 & 4 th ) & U12 ( 5th & 6th grade) age groups.

This Saturday is Fairfax Fletcher Soccer Club's open house from 9-11:00 at the Fletcher Elementary school fields.  Players and Parents will get to meet coaches, get information on this season, and possibly a practice.  We'll be meeting rain or shine - so bring rain gear if necessary.

i get 12 channels through the digital converter box:
4 PBS ( 2 duplicate, 1 is callec create, and one is PBS.  they're 33.1, 33.2, 33.3, 33.4)
2 Fox ( one's CW)
2 WCAX ( one's a strict loop of weather and short new boradcasts)
2 CBS ( one is actually a movie/ old show kinda channel)
2 NBC ( dups)

they all come in great.  Sometimes i need to move the antenna i have a little.  The antenna is a flat 10" by 10" Radio shack antenna.

Current News & Events / Re: Coach Resigns At Fairfax
« on: July 01, 2013, 02:52:42 PM »
Speaking form a position in the know - the Administration is bound ( for both good and bad) by confidentiality.  To protect the coaches privacy.  The bad part here is when the coach explains the "WHYS" behind dismissals of contracts or resignations and the public who want to voice their opinion aren't allowed and are dismissed with "We're not at liberty to discuss personnel issues due to confidentiality restrictions".

FFSC will have a booth/table at the Community day event.  You can sign up there, or send in registration prior to 7/4.  As we're tranisitioning to the VSL league - we need all registrations in earlier - thus the new and FIRM cut-off date.  Hurry!  DOn't miss out!

Some key and valid points have been made here.  One can choose to not let things get them down - sure, but when does trying to not stress over things that appear or that you're told you cannot change become complacency?  HOW will anyone ever know what issues are truly at hand or brewing under the service if they cannot see and are kept from seeing what those issues are?  Trust is earned, and as of late there's been too many instances where any sort of truth has been withheld due to the 'Confidential' excuse. 
I know of at least 2 instances in the past 4 years where parent's concerns and/or protests have been dismissed by this so-called confidentiality excuse.  When it comes to school administration, there is no recourse, no appeal process in which to contest decision-making, let alone full-disclosure of rationale or criteria for the decisions made.  There's a point where trust wears thin and the multiple examples start to create suspicion.

From what I've seen in the past 4 years on this forum and in my personal experiences, there is good reason to be weary of and concerned by the veil of confidentiality that permeates anything of questionable nature when it comes to adminstrative decision making.  How would the citizens even know if the claim of confidentiality is being abused, overused, or has been misinterpreted and theredfore misused?

The Fairfax Fletcher Westford Little league Softball and Fairfax Fletcher Soccer Club playing fields at the Fletcher Elementary school were heavily damaged on thursday night.  It appears as though a SUV or truck did doughnuts on and around the pitching mound, in the outfield, on the near side and mid field of the U12 soccer field.

The State Police in St Albans came out to take pictures as the cost of damages will be significant.  Anyone with information can contact the State Police in St Albans.  FFWLL and FFSC are in the process of posting a reward for information that leads to an arrest and/or reimbursement of costs to repair damage.  If you saw or heard anything on thursday night please call the State police.  Any information that leads to an arrest will be kept confidential.

Teams have been announced for the North- South Game in High school Basketball

Division I and II girls
North: Kayla Baczewski, Meghan Bochanski, BFA-Fairfax; Eva Clark, BFA-St. Albans; Olivia Maher, Burlington; Alex Krupp, Champlain Valley; Sarah Paskevich, Jackie Sortor, Colchester; Kari Lavalette, Lauren Miles, Essex; Drew Neal, Lake Region; Nicole Menard, Milton; Anna Bingham, North Country; Tomi Akinpetide, Cassidy Derda, Rice; Johannah Driscoll, St. Johnsbury. Head coach: T.J. Sawyer. Assistant: Tim Rice.

Division III and IV boys
North: Kris Wehner, BFA-Fairfax; Kyle Farquharson, Damian Smith, Blue Mountain; Jacob Mills, Brady Ranville, Danville; Brandon Gleason, Wyatt Larose, Enosburg; Andrew Demer, Dimitri Vasiliadis, Hazen; Caleb Lafaille, Andrew Lyman, Oxbow; Ben Jickling, Randolph; David Codling, Brandon Gibbs, Twinfield; Kyle Laughlin, Williamstown. Head coach: Matt Luneau. Assistant: Chris Brigham.

Congrats to our local Athletes and good luck representing your School and Community.

I wanted to say that I'm immensely proud of our Lady Bullets they surprised a lot of Folks aroudn the league this year.  Having witnessed some of them become the players and good people they are, i knew they had it in them.  I wish the seniors the best in their future endeavors, and the returning players next year the best of luck.


I can't stress enough how important it is for our community to show these girls our support.  Make a day of it, bring the whole fam Damily down to support your Hard Working, Deserving, Sweet BFA Lady Bullets.  Persuade your friends and your friend's friends to attend and give our Lady bullets as much positive ( and Loud ) support you can.  Make them need 2 fan buses!  GO LADY BULLETS!

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