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The content includes information from the Fairfax Town Records that is a matter of Public Record as well as other information I feel may be interesting to residents of Fairfax and the surrounding areas.


"Fairfax, Small Town With A Big Heart"

Photo by Henry Raymond, October 1997

Property Transfers (Updated October 1, 2006)

Births since 1997 (Updated January 01, 2005)

Deaths since 1997 (Updated December 31, 2002)

Deaths starting in 2003 (Updated December 19, 2005)

Deaths starting in 2006 (Updated September 12, 2006)

Marriages since 1997 (Updated April 12, 2004)

Burials in our Fairfax Cemeteries (Updated November 5, 2000)

Zoning Permits 1996 (No Longer Available)

Zoning Permits 1997 (No Longer Available)

Zoning Permits 1998/1999 (No Longer Available)

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