St. Luke Valentine's Day Dance
February 8, 2003

Dad (Mat Parisi) looks a little more tired than the little guy on his shoulders

Finally got Steve White and his wife to stop and face me

These two ladies did a beautiful job of decorating the hall

Raffle tickets anyone?

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

It all looks so good

You guys decide

Bob & Kathy & Emily Bessette on right

Greg Hartmann apparently just heard a good one

What's going on here?

Bob Thompson, where are you?

I think they are making valentines

And of course there is the shy one

OK guys, smile

Well here's part of the band

The music was far better than my picture of them

Wrestling or dancing??

Must be talking about the BFA Cheer Leaders

You dance, I'll sit this one out

This Dad (Vince Redding) looks a little tired too

Is something missing?

The Meisenzahl and Roberge couples look happy

Even my cousins from Holy Angels showed up

Larry & Carrie Parsons & Ed & Betty Parker

Smile Pretty now

Keith & Sally Billado & Mildred Warren

Parizi & Fitzgeralds aren't dancing yet

Web Design: Maryann Raymond
Photos: Henry Raymond
February 8, 2003