Jim and Diane Larocque, a Georgia Couple drops off some goodies for the Lawn Sale as Mike Cross looks on - They were going to have a lawn sale, but decided they would bring the stuff over to St. Luke's

Jeanette Pigeon, Mike Cross, Jim Groseclose, Jean Groseclose and Faith Cross take a few moments to pose with the items they were unpacking and tagging

Mark Mucia, Jean Gregoire and Faith Cross price a few last minute items

Bill Meisenzahl waits to help customers carry their goodies to the car while Van Lantagne (organized the crafts) works at the craft table behind them

Vince and Alice Bonitati check out some of the goodies
brought in

St. Luke's Annual Lawn and Bake sale is a family affair for a number of parishioners. One such family is Grandmother Rita, Grandsons Tim & Mark and Son Bob Bessette.

The pie Jeannette Pigeon and Faith Cross are holding should have been mine -- If I had just seen my sister Theresa drive down by the house, I would have rushed down behind her, helped her carry it in and buy it on the spot before it hit the table - Unfortunately, as you can see by the look on Faith's face - this was not the case. I did buy another apple pie which was very good, by the way.

Henry A. Raymond
September 11, 2004