Yes, I do look marvelous don't I?

The wire is mainly to protect me - These kids won't ever hit the target that dunks me

Jim Hogan ( The Stilt & Balloon Man) is the envy of these future basketball all-stars.

Vince Redding & Bob Thompson even want to pose with the Stilt Man, Jim Hogan

Meanwhile, Tim Wills and Steve Bessette get the hot dogs ready - looking good guys.

Early arrivals buy tickets for the event from Pete Fitzgerald as the 11 a.m. mass ends.

And here comes Mary Beth and her family and Karen and one of her sons.

A little practice before the real thing by a couple members of the confirmation class

And now here comes the crowd - On church ramp, our oldest parishioner Imogene Collins looks on.

The young man on the right wears his balloon hat made by Jim Hogan and on right Jim holds up the young lady on his shoulders (although not without a lot of coaxing). Bob Thompson steadies the Stilt Man - just in case.

I tried to get the ball as it was going through the hoop - (It did by the way), but my reflexes weren't quite up to par.

Henry A. Raymond
September 7, 2003