As you can see, the football went through the target as Steve Minor prepares to give the young man his tickets for the prize he will collect later

Mom, Karen watches the young golfer and gives a few words of advice and encouragement.

We had another winner here at the dart game.

And here's a winning pitcher - Perhaps a BFA star ??

Bill Meizenthal (left) gives some advice on how to win while Dad, Joey (at right) with his two kids observe

Bob Thompson refills the pail of water as The Clown (Bob Bessette) shouts, "Move them back, Move them back."

A view of the right side of the Carnival Grounds

A view of the left side of the Carnival Grounds

The dunking booth was built by Ed Nuttall - You can bet your boots there will be an upgrade on the target for next year - It will probably be about the size of an Ant's Eye

You can even see the smile on Sylva Thibault's face as he presents the prize tickets to the young man - And oh yes, that's water dripping down on Clown Bob Bessette as Bob Thompson fills the pail again. I don't believe I ever saw that particular booth without a line.

Henry A. Raymond
September 7, 2003