Steve Ratte captured the above photo Saturday morning, as devoted lawn sale customers line up waiting for the doors to open.

Once inside, they browse the treasures

As the bargains are picked up

Many thanks to Steve Ratte for taking the first three pictures early in the sale. Above he is shown visiting with some of the potential customers.

Bill Meisenzahl takes a brief break as he visits with Cindy Groseclose

Bob Bessette, his mother Rita and Bob Thompson check out a customer.

While the delicacies at the Home Baked Goods table are going fast

Jean Groseclose and Mike Cross, Co-Chairpersons have just spent three twelve hour days preparing for this event and this will be the fourth such day as the hall must be clean and empty when the sale is ended. Jean and Mike have chaired this event for several years now and they and their dedicated volunteers deserve much credit for their hard work. Imogene Collins watches her daughter Mary fill out some raffle tickets they have just purchased from Jean & Mike.

Henry A. Raymond
September 10, 2005