NOVEMBER 22, 2009

On November 22, 2009, Bishop Matano, Bishop of the Burlington Diocese made a visit to St. Luke's here in Fairfax. The Bishop tries to get around to each of the parishes in his Diocese and this is his second visit here. The photos in this album show him exiting after he said Mass, then at the reception down stairs. A nice lunch was prepared by the ladies of the parish and everyone had an opportunity to visit with the Bishop. He is very easy to talk with.

Josh Langelier & Allie Minor

Father Julian

Bishop Matano

Bishop Matano with Cathy & Roger Mongeon on the left

Bishop Matano arrives to a hungry group waiting for him to say the blessing - Left to right near the chairs are, Joey & Luke Langelier, Karen Minor, Alice Collins, Jim Minor, Pete Fitzgerald & Paul Langelier

John Rainville, Jean Gregoire, Bishop Matano, Bridget Morgan, Betty Parker, Betty Morgan, Cathy Mongeon & Fern Rainville

Helen Hartman, John Rainville, Bridget Morgan, Jean Gregoire, Betty Parker, Bishop Matano, Betty Morgan, Cathy Mongeon & Fern Rainville

Kim Parisi is in the foreground in green

Guy Vanzo, Bob Bessette, Betty Morgan, Betty Parker, Bishop Matano, Alice Collins, Fern Rainville

Bishop Matano, Alice Collins, Tim Wills, Jim Hogan, Jeffrey Wills, Fern Rainville & Steve Bessette

Pete Fitzgerald, Bishop Matano & Jim Hogan

Julie Minor, Jimmy Minor, Karen Minor, Jim Minor, Tim & Jeannette Wills

Karen & Paul Langelier and me, Henry Raymond

(Father Julian insisted on taking a photo of me)

Karen & Pete Fitzgerald with Bishop Matano

Jim & Cathy Hogan, Joanne Blodgett, Jeannette Wills & Pete Fitzgerald

Julie, Jim, Jimmy & Karen Minor

Father Julian & Paul Langelier

Jim Hogan with Father Dan White and Matt Parisi with coffee cup behind him

Bob Bessette & John Rainville having a little chat

There are additional photos taken by Tim Wills in my Photo Gallery with captions also if you would like to check those out:

Photos By Tim Wills Of Bishop Matano's Visit

Henry A. Raymond
November 23, 2009