(A special thanks to Bob Bessette and Jim Groseclose for helping me identify some of the parishioners and for my daughter Mary Kay for helping me with the spelling of Meinsenzahl )

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Maurice Boucher & Father start off the meal

A couple of young St. Luke families enjoying the Pot Luck Supper

Left side of table - Steve and Pauline Ratte and Barb and Larry Young - Right Side - Dennis and Marie Moore, Buzz and Alice Collins and Roger and Elaine Lavallee

Left side -- Roger & Elaine Lavallee, Buzz & Alice Collins, Dennis & Marie Moore - Right side - Lynn Airoldi, Larry and Barb Young, Steve and Pauline Rattee

Some Ascension Parishioners, I believe

Doug Lantagne on the left and the Minor family are in the foreground.

Paul Jansen, Kevin Remillard and his family in the foreground, Pete Fitzgerald on right in striped shirt

Guy Vanzo (with the two plates) and Jimmy Vanzo

Matt Parisi, DaveVallette on left, Laurie & Pat Queor center back and Chris Racine and his wife front right foreground

Michael Grundhouser from Ascension, Pat Queor and Jeannette Wills on left at table and Jim and Jeanne Groseclose on right

Laurie Queor standing near Mrs. Meinsenzahl across from Bill Meinsenzahl and Ed & Helga Nuttall. Right foreground is Bob Thompson.

Pot luck supper success is due to the efforts of Jim & Jeanne Groseclose and Jeannette Wills shown above

Laurie Queor, Bob Thompson's wife and Mrs. Meizenthal with the Chris Racine family at the far end of the table. On right are Bob Thompson, Pat Queor, Ed & Helga Nuttall and Bill Meizenthal

Natalie Remillard on left, Jimmy Vanzo's son, then Paul Jansen and on right in background is Pete Fitzgerald's son