A cake thanking Bill & Dot Meisenzahl was served after the 11 a.m. Mass

Ed Nuttall & Kathy Hogan clowning around

Joe Rainville & Bill Meisenzahl reminisce as Cecille Rainville looks on

Pauline & Steve Ratte & Dot Meisenzahl

Cecille & Joe Rainville and Bill Meisenzahl

Pauline & Steve Ratte with Dot & Bill Meisenzahl

Father Raj, Robert Page, Ed Nuttall, Jim Groseclose & Bill Meisenzahl say Grace

Ed Nuttall, Jim Groseclose, Bill & Dot Meisenzahl, Lucy Page & Bridget Morgan say Grace

Bill & Dot Meisenzahl accept a plaque in recognition of their help in the parish of St. Luke's

Bill Meisenzahl meticulously cuts the cake as Dot smiles at the camera and Jeanne & Doug Groseclose look on

Doug Groseclose, Father Raj and Ed Nuttall wait for Bill Meisenzahl to cut the cake. Ed looks just a bit impatient, while Helga Nuttall pours herself a cup of coffee and Jim and Kathy Hogan chat in the background

Vince Redding & Betty Parker wait to wish Bill & Dot their best

Robert Page, Ed Nuttall, Lucy & Jim Page, Helga Nuttall and Jim & Kathy Hogan in the background

Helga Nuttall, Jim & Kathy Hogan and Bridget & Betty Morgan

Father Raj poses with Bill & Dot Meisenzahl while Jeanne Gregoire & Steve Ratte look on

Henry A. Raymond
August 14, 2011