We have a small Return Peace Corps group in Vermont and we have collected bikes and sewing machines for the last 15 or so years. We have collected at least 3000 bikes and around 50 or so sewing machines. We generally collect $10 per bike/sewing machine to help defray the cost of shipping. We collect the bikes, process them, load them onto a FedEx truck and FedEx ships them to New Jersey free of charge. The bikes are shipped to “Pedals for Progress” www.p4p.org which is a non-profit organization started by a Return Peace Corps Volunteer many years ago. They load the bikes onto shipping containers and the bikes are shipped to third world countries around the world such as Honduras, Uganda, etc. As you can imagine we can turn unused and unwanted bikes collecting dust here in the states into vital sources of transportation for people in third world countries struggling to get crops to market, medical supplies to needy people, services to people in rural areas and so on.
Thanks, Bob Thompson

Bob Thompson and his wife Paula along with Ed Nuttall and Bob Bessette collected close to 30 bikes to be delivered to 3rd World Countries. Bikes had to be prepared by taking pedals off, lowering seat and turning handle bars. A donation of $10 was solicited for shipping costs.

The following photos Courtesy Of Ed Nuttall were taken at Paul's Cow Wash on Main Street here in Fairfax on
September 21, 2013

Bob Thompson

Bob Bessette and Bob Thompson show Father what needs to be done

Ed Nuttall and Bob Bessette

Bob Thompson, Ed Nuttall & Bob Bessette

Steve Bessette & Father Furman stopped by to help

When all else fails, Vice Grips will do the trick

Bob Thompson & Ed Nuttall

Paula Thompson, Bob Bessette & Bob Thompson take a break

Father Furman didn't mind using his garage for temporary storage

Father Furman & Bob Thompson
Looks like snow shovels are ready for winter

Bob Bessette & Father Furman

Bikes, Bikes & More Bikes

Bob Bessette & Bob Thompson

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