St. Luke First Reconciliation - January 20, 2007  
2007--1-20 008

2007--1-20 008

From: Kaitlyn Barnack (Fri Feb 9 19:33:29 2007)
I am so proud of you Kaitlyn, you look so grown up. I think you are doing a great thing here.

From: Kaitlyn Barnack (Fri Feb 9 19:35:08 2007)
You are growing into a beautiful young lady. I know you are going to do great things in life. You certainly are on the right path. Your mom and dad must be very proud of you. I love you very much.

From: Grandma Barnack (Fri Feb 9 19:38:00 2007)
I am so proud that you are making your First Communion. That is so important.
It is such a big step in your young life. Keep going to church.

Love, Grandma
From: Tina (Mon Mar 5 19:58:07 2007)
Kaitlyn, looking good, both Tim and I are very proud of you. Remember to keep looking to the sky. God Bless, Tina

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