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Highlight for album: New Hampton Institute Photos
New Hampton Institute Photos
Photos of The New Hampton Institute located originally off the Fireman's Pond Road - The original land where the New Hampton Institute was was transferred from J. D. Farnsworth to them in March, 1853. In 1913 NHI transferred it to Mary & J. S. Goodall who later transferred it to James Goodall. In 1944 it was transferred to P. C. Warner, James Goodall, Alan Goodall and Lois Huntington. In 1945 it was transferred to Orman & Ivy Ovitt. It was stipulated in the transfer that the buildings, NHI and a boarding house associated with it, had been transferred to Fred Hebert who had six months to move or tear down and was to have access to the land to do so. Fred Hebert lived on what is now known as Riverberry Farm on The Goose Pond Road and it is said he used to materials to build a barn there, although there is nothing official that says that. In 1950, Orman & Ivy Ovitt then transferred 1/2 acre of the land to Cyrus Leach on the corner of Huntville & Rte 104 and the remainder of the land to Leslie & Christine McNall who owned the farm on The Boissoneault Road later owned by Roma & Lena Lavendure then Rene Boissoneault who owns it now in 2007

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Highlight for album: Bridge 10 Photos
Bridge 10 Photos
Blow & Cote are installing the beams on Bridge 10 in the center of Fairfax Village - I got a photo of Ben Cota with his grandparents Steve & Pauline Ratte - Steve Ratte has some photos he took of the laying of the beams that he will add for me to this album.

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Highlight for album: Justin Fleming Photos
Justin Fleming Photos
This Album contains some miscellaneous photos of Justin Fleming

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