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Highlight for album: Fairfax Road Crew Designs & Builds Asphalt Hot Box
Fairfax Road Crew Designs & Builds Asphalt Hot Box
Don Pigeon, Fairfax Road Crew Foreman had been concerned about his ability to fill pot holes with asphalt. In order to do this, the temperature had to be at least 70 degrees and during this time when the pot holes appear and need to be patched, those 70 degree days are few and far between. There is factory made equipment to do this, but in order to purchase it, it would be in the vicinity of $17,000. Don had some scrap metal out back of the Town Garage which he sold to pay for the materials for the new self designed Asphalt Hot Box, so the Town of Fairfax now has a new Asphalt Hot Box at no cost or budget expense. This is just one of the many things these guys do to save the town money. I thought it would be something I would try to make our town residents aware of, so these photos, taken by Randy Devine will give you some explanation of what they did.

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