A surprise 50th Anniversary celebration given by their children at Sam's Charlamont in Morrisville occurred on Sunday, May 22, 2005

Elaine Lavallee chats with Maryann Raymond

Shirley & Madeline pose for their grandson Jimmy so I grabbed another shot

Roger Lavallee came home from the respite house to attend the party

Mr. & Mrs. Laurent Lavallee also attended

Gabrielle Pouliot, (right) soon to celebrate her 91st birthday was also in attendance

Norman Lavallee, now retired also was there - Norman is brother to Paul Lavallee and Claire Lemnah

Gabrielle Pouliot, Madeline's sister and Claire Lemnah

Maria, Shirley & Madeline's daughter - Jimmy & Steve give all the credit to Maria for the fantastic party given their parents - and that it was indeed

Margaret Minor with daughters Julie & Martha - Wallace didn't make it

Shirley & Madeline cut the cake - The knife - well that's the same one used 50 years ago

From another angle the happy couple cuts the cake

And a little closer up

On the left is the Arthur & Evon Minor family - the three kids, well that's Maria, Steve & Jimmy a few years ago

The Bride & Groom - 50 years ago

Henry A. Raymond
May 22, 2005