I guess I would like to go on record in saying that the 2003 edition of the Fairfax Historical Society Annual Pie and Ice Cream Social was a success. Yes, the weather did not cooperate fully and we had it inside, but we did have people on the front lawn listening to the band. I'm not sure how much money we made but everyone had a great time and THAT is what matters most. If you had a good time this year, you will come back next year.

I had a couple of people from out of town say that they like coming to ours because we have the best pie. Margie says that's because all of our pies are homemade.
Where do I start:
Thank you to the Lamoille Lodge and the Eastern Stars for the use of their building. It really is the perfect spot for the occasion.
Thank you to EVERYONE who made and brought pies. They were all delicious.
Thank you to the workers: Bob and Kathy Bessette, Pat Bouthillette, and Elaine Kirkpatrick for serving the pies,Al Daniels for serving the ice cream. Henry Raymond for serving the drinks. Marian Chaffee for running the cash box. You people are professionals at what you do. Thank you also to Amanda Bryan for standing out by the road with a poster reminding passerbys of the social.
Thank you to Sally Billado and Pauline Lavallee for selling t-shirts and cups. Keith Billado and Marc and Tim Bessette for helping set up and tear down. Thank you to Sally Billado and Justin Hayes for helping get the supplies. Also to Minor's Country Store for selling us the ice cream. Thank you to Fairfax-Fletcher-Westford Band under the guidance of Frank Mehaffey. You sounded FANTASTIC this year. To everyone who came and enjoyed the evening, Thank You. We see the same faces every year so we must be doing something right. We will see you next year. Hopefully, back on the front lawn. Thank you again to one and all. Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Michael Cain, President
Fairfax Historical Society

Bob Bessette, Pat Bouthillette, and Amanda Bryan cut the pies

Amanda Bryan and Elaine Kirkpatrick cut pies at the other end of the table

As the pie cutting finishes up our pie experts are already making their selections ahead of time

Finally, Mike Cain gives the go ahead - "We will now start serving."

Al Daniels heaps it on for Mary Spaulding

Jim Woodward says, "Henry, we never get a picture of you, let me snap a picture".
So he did - I did actually work you know, not just pose for pictures.

Many people brought their own chairs and sat out in the lawn and listened to the Fletcher-Fairfax-Westford playing upstairs inside

Although warm and crowded, many people also sat upstairs and listened to the band play there.

A little dark for my photographic talent, but this is one view of the band

A partial view of the band and some of the crowd sitting in side

Another view of the band - Due to the crowd, they were all a little warm

I would also like to add my special thanks to Mike Cain for all of his efforts in keeping our Fairfax Historical Society active and alive. Mike actually coordinated this whole affair, and even though Mother Nature did not cooperate, it appears that everyone had a great time. Mike coordinates all the activities and meetings. Also, a very special thanks to all the non members who helped out in any way - especially those who made the pies and helped make it the success that it was.

Henry A. Raymond
June 29, 2003