Lamoille Lodge Barbeque At The Baptist Building
June 28, 2003

The above photo which is courtesy of Mike McNall is an early view of The Baptist Church. You can note with interest that only one large tree remains. Many of the beautiful trees that gave such beautiful shade here were taken down during the Tornado of 1973. I have quite a few photos that Mike McNall has shared with me, but thought it appropriate to use this one during this busy week at the Baptist Building

The Baptist Building is the scene of many local functions. As seen above, while the Barbecue is going on, The Fairfax Historical Society's Annual Pie & Ice Cream Social with the Fletcher - Fairfax - Westford Band is advertised for the following night

While many have eaten and gone home, a few enjoy a little casual conversation while listening to the music of a small local group playing outside in the shade

A closeup of the group playing above includes Left to Right, you have Randy Barney of Highgate(I think), Jerry Falkenberg of Bakersfield, Ed Paquin of Fairfax and Gini Milkey of Brattleboro.

John Ellsworth, Melody Wilkins, Scott Wilkins, JoAnne Wilkins and Marge Ellsworth enjoy a little conversation on the steps of The Baptist Building after a delicious Wetherby's Barbecue

Only two tables had anyone left eating when I returned as I had picked up a couple of take-outs for Maryann and I. The bright sunshine coming through the window in the back created some backlight that makes Ralph & Pat McNall almost unidentifiable. Jim and Laura Woodward are in the foreground on the left, Jim & Lena Meunier on the right and I believe Gail & Moe Stafford front right with Moe partially hidden. I may be wrong on Gail, but am quite certain she is one of the Berthiume girls.

Wetherby's shakes the ashes off the last barbecue pan and calls it a day. One thing for sure, no one left hungry.

Henry A. Raymond
June 28, 2003