Al Daniels, Pat Nilsson, Jim Lonergan, Jen Skerrett, Marc Choiniere, Marlene Karr, Marc Brunelle (Sound FX) and the entire Middle School Faculty and Para educators

(Photos by Henry Raymond)

Tom Walsh leads the audience in applause as Hiram Bellows is welcomed

Everyone watches as an electric car driven by Reggie Brault enters the auditorium

Tom Walsh greets Hiram Bellows (Scott Lang in disguise)

Then escorts him off to a comfortable rocking chair so he can watch the program

Mrs. Jeffords & Mrs. Knight explain their workshop which will be acting out scenes from the play "Our Town" and writing scenes for modern Fairfax as well. Their group will perform the scenes at the assembly celebration as well. Students will have the opportunity to sign up as actors, as well as helping with props and costumes.

Hiram Bellows (Scott Lang) is shown above watching the celebration. The pin on his lapel is in commemoration of Bellows Free Academy's 100th Anniversary

Mrs. Jeffords & Mrs. Knight portray the student of 1903 above

And the students of 2003 in this photo

Readin' Writin, and 'Rithmatic -- a power point history of Fairfax schools - Students were asked to join Mrs. Gross as they prepare a power point history of Fairfax schools from 1796 to today's sprawling Pre-K12 complex. Their finished presentation will become part of the BFA 100th Anniversary website.

Edibles and Quaffables -- Food and Drink since 1903 -- Mrs. Griswold and Mrs. Skerritt show some of the foods through the years.

This workshop will be an exploration of 20th and 21st Century food and drink,, including recipes, traditions, inventions, products, and technology. Also included, of course, will be some cooking and taste testing. Mrs. Griswold and Mrs. Skerritt showed some of the foods through the years ending up with the latest on the market - Green Ketchup

Dance through the Years with Mrs. Bissonnette and Mr. Scott. Students were asked to sign up in the Middle School Gym. They will learn dances of the ten decades since BFA opened.

The waltz, ragtime, jitterbug, twist and many, many more. Students will also research the decade in which their dance was popular. They will costume themselves in clothes of the period and explain and perform their dances.

Mrs. Bissonnette and Mr. Scott really got into the swing of things

There will also be a workshop that the students will be able to participate in regards to Clothing and Hairstyles since the early 1900's with Mrs. Lavigne and Mrs. Albarelli - They were not available to cover the topic, so Tom Walsh did. Lace-up boots, long dresses, spats and cuff links; that group will explore the different kinds of clothing and hairstyles worn by BFA Fairfax students and faculty over the last 100 years. They hope to borrow some outfits from the area historical societies and community members to either display or wear....if they dare! They will probably also create a poster timeline of the different fashion styles, for both girls and boys, through the ages.

Pat Nilsson and Mr. Brunelle will look back on that first graduation date at BFA. A small group of students, will perform an overview on stage of the first graduation.

They will also learn to set up a stage, speak into a microphone, learn to act as masters of ceremony for the gala celebration on November 21st.

This workshop will be lead by Mr. Brunelle and Mrs. Nilsson shown above

Mr. Bailey and Mrs. Hamm will take a march through time in their workshop. This exploratory workshop will focus on creating a time line of events that occurred in the past century. Included will be research in the areas of local, national, and world events. They will also create scale models of BFA's facade at different stages of its history.

It's a grand old school - Celebrating the 1941 building with modern art, a workshop with Mr. Choiniere and Mr. Brigham. The middle school building was ahead of its time because of its architectural design of horizontals and verticals. Students will celebrate the style of the middle school building by searching for abstract artists who used only horizontals and verticals. Students will make art in the style of these artists.

Henry A. Raymond
November 11, 2003