OCTOBER 8, 2003

A few clouds kind of blur Mt. Mansfield in this photo taken from Tom & Daisy Collins back porch on October 8, 2003

For those of you that have moved from Fairfax a few years ago, you can see the development of Town Houses in the Meadow just below the Old Boissoneault Farm, now owned by Orman Ovitt on the River Road

A straight out view from Tom & Daisy Collins back porch. I suspect it won't be too many years and there will be houses in the meadow seen behind St. Luke's Steeple, now The Steeple Market

A look down Main Hill - Dalton & Grace Machia's former residence on the corner cast a shadow that kind of darkened the picture

Another photo looking down Main Hill - At the right is The Verizon Telephone Switch building which because of the shadow you are unable to see which has finally brought DSL High Speed Internet to Fairfax, provided you live within 3 miles of the building

Looking East towards Fletcher in our back yard

Another look a little southeast in our back yard

A closeup of the bright red leaves looking East towards Fletcher

And still another closeup looking East towards Fletcher

Henry A. Raymond
October 8, 2003