As I stepped out of the house and looked in my back yard, you could see just a slight tinge of color, with the peak of Mt. Mansfield way in the background. I strongly suspect that tomorrow that peak will be white.

As I started down the road, I saw Ola Tracy, who by the way celebrated her 86th birthday yesterday, filling her bird feeder. She quickly explained that her flowers didn't do well at all this summer as she spent some time in the hospital and just wasn't able to take care of them.

My next stop was Marvin & Cathy Thayer's vegetable stand with all the fall produce making a wonderful sight.

I then started up Hunt Street and noticed that Lee and Louise Minor were definitely getting into the Halloween Spirit. I didn't see anyone around, so just walked up on the lawn and took this picture. Lee, however, was in the garage and saw me, so I didn't quite get to sneak this photo in without he or Louise knowing about it.

My next stop was to tramp across Tom & Daisy Collin's lawn and snap this photo overlooking Fairfax, perhaps on the last day Mt. Mansfield will not have a white coating of snow on it.

This photo was taken from a slightly different angle. By this time Daisy had noticed me and extended the invitation to me to use her back porch anytime I wanted to take any additional photos. Although we don't have a lot of color, except for the occasional individual tree here in Fairfax, I suspect that this week's temperatures will hurry them along.

Henry A. Raymond
October 1, 2003