DECEMBER 12, 2003

Bob Bessette and I left my house around 7 p.m. and headed up the Buck Hollow Road and took our first picture

The next house we saw all decorated up may have been Greg Beeman's house

At the foot of Buck Hill, the little house Maryann first moved to was all decorated up ready for Santa Claus

Imogene Collin's house appeared peaceful and ready for Christmas

The snow was beginning to come down pretty good by the time we got to Keith & Sally Billado's house

Neither one of us was too sure who's house this was as we could hardly see the road, but it may have been the old Henry Gillin place

And I'm sure Santa won't miss the Frank King family homestead

Florence Magnan's House was absolutely beautiful and I was only able to get some of the lights she has up

Mildred McGowan's old homestead was also very well lit up

The snow storm had subsided somewhat, so we headed back up to windtop and this time were able to get the above picture

As well as this one, even though neither of us knew who lived in the houses

The above photo was taken on Craftsfield Road

Bob & Kathy Bessette's house expressed the message of the season

Bailey Road, across the way was very well decorated

Each house on Bailey Road had its own unique lighting

Believe the above house is owned by Warren Hamm's son

The Bouthilette Colonial Farm House looked great

And finally The Old George Lavallee Farm House which was the last place on our tour

Henry A. Raymond
With Special Thanks To My Wife
Maryann (you don't think I created this website
"Now Really!!!!!!!!!"
December 23, 2002