DECEMBER 22, 2002

Mary Kay Raymond's House - Fletcher Rd - It was snowing

Steve & Pauline Ratte's House - Fletcher Road

Clip Stewart/Mitchell House - Main Street

Hayes-Rich/Workman Funeral Home - Main Street

Mark & Sheri Rainville's - Main Street

Beeman Road - House on corner

Beeman Road House - End of street



(My apologies to the many that I missed - time permitting, I will go out again)


Now, I was actually on my way down to the village to pick up some ice cream and a loaf of bread. Fortunately, my wife Maryann knows when I start out to do a simple task like that, one never knows just when I will return. It was truly a peaceful cool night last night, hovering around the upper teens and the side streets were really the ideal place to try and take some photos. I did see a number of nice looking houses on Route 104, but felt that I should be cautious at night in trying to take those photos. There are still many houses that have not gotten into the Christmas Spirit, but hopefully we all will soon. Now, I'm not a photographer and in order to get a better idea of the lighting had to lighten the photos considerably. Of course, a better idea is to just hop in the car some nice evening and just drive around a little.

After all, let's see now, as of today, we only have 18 days until Christmas -

I first started in my own front yard - The only decorations I have up are my manger scene which has been used each year for the past 30 or so years and a wreath on my front door that our daughter Mary Kay dropped off yesterday morning

Headed towards the village, there is a nice little development on Gifted Road and I noticed a couple of houses that I thought looked very nice.

Unfortunately, my photography does not do justice to them. I distinctly heard a HO! HO! HO! at one of the houses, but fortunately no WOOF! WOOF!

Of course, no photos of Christmas Decorations in Fairfax would be complete without a photo of the old Liza Bevins house at the foot of Mill Hill

Probably the most tranquil and peaceful sight for a plain Old Vermonter like me was the very simple and elegant Bill and Mary Rowell House at the corner of Main & School streets

I then drove onto Summitview Drive and saw a couple of houses that looked very nice. Unfortunately in order to get a better idea of the decorations and the house, I had to lighten them up considerably

Going down Hunt Street, either Lee or Louise Minor always do an outstanding job decorating their house which overlooks the village

And right next door, Scott and Louise Wise have done a lot of work tastefully lighting their large house which is located between Lee & Louise's and BFA


Henry A. Raymond
With Special Thanks To My Wife
Maryann (you don't think I created this website
"Now Really!!!!!!!!!"
December 23, 2002