Dorothy Canfield Fisher: A Vermonter for the World. Dorothy Canfield Fisher wrote often about Vermont, but she was a writer beyond our region who communicated to the world and to the human spirit. She celebrated "the book" as the surest tool for thought. In the forty books of fiction and non-fiction which she wrote, she attached discrimination, intolerance, brutality and fraud. Her writing was vibrant and heartening with gloious aspects of living life with courage and joy. The living history presentation showcased her life works.

Last Thursday evening, April 3, 2003 Helene Lang, PH D., who was born in MA and educated at Boston University gave a very interesting talk on Dorothy Canfield Fisher. She has taught public school and for the U.S. Navy overseas and during the last 34 years she has been a professor of literacy and literature at the University of Vermont. She and her husband have three sons and five grandchildren. Mrs. Lang lives in central Vermont.


Henry A. Raymond
April 3, 2003