1:00 TO 2:30 P.M.

Welcome to the 100th Birthday Celebration of Bellows Free Academy

"Devil's Dream" Hannah Crary & Phil Higgins, superintendent

"It's Back to the Future"
Masters of Ceremony Stephanie Karr, Malrissa Perkins, Zachary Bochanski,
Dustin Hays, Lukas LaRiviere

"Hiram Bellows" Principal Scott Lang

"Greeting" Peg Stewart, Chairperson-BFA School Board

"Comments" Donald Collins, Vt. Senator and former superintendent

"Comments" Richard Brown, former teacher and principal of BFA

"They Way We Were" Masters of Ceremony reminisce over the early years.

"Alma Mater"

"Diploma Presentation" Mr. Tom Walsh, assistant principal

"Washington Post" Sousa
Guest conductor, Sterling Weed.
Bruce McRae and the BFA High School Band

"Ashoken Farewell" Hannah Crary & Phil Higgins

"It's Show Time" Mrs. Jeffords' and Mrs. Knight's students

"Special Citations" Mr. Walsh
Jenny Nelson, representing Congressman Bernie Sanders
Brian Keefe, representing Senator James Jeffords
(Alumni of BFA's class of 1975)

"Flag Presentation" Al Daniels, representing Senator Patrick Leahy
(daily BFA flag raisers)
Storm Pouliot and Theo Sprunger

"Contests" Birthday Cards, 1903 BFA Building, Hiram Bellows

"Clothing and Hairstyles Mrs. Lavigne's and Mrs. Alberelli's students
Since the Early 1900's"

"Sentimental Journey" Bruce McRae and BFA High School Band

"Dance Through the Years" Mrs. Bissonnette's and Mr. Scott's students

"Marche Fantastique" Fucik
Bruce McRae and the BFA High School Band

"Thank you, Mr. Bellows" Pamela Gude and Middle School audience

"Happy Birthday, BFA" Everyone!

Henry A. Raymond
November 20, 2003