Hundreds of people watched and enjoyed The 40th Army Band, Vermont National Guard Concert on the Green at BFA-Fairfax in front of the Middle School at 7 p.m.

Just about everyone brought their own lawn chair or blanket as well as coolers with drinks and snacks for the little ones - Once the little ones got uneasy, as shown above, there was plenty of room to take a walk up and down the sidewalk.

There was no threat of rain and believe it or not, no bugs either and it was just at the right time, as you can see - People were in the shade and you can see the sun shining off the trees in the background.

The Music was great and one of our locals, Geoff Furman is somewhere in the group of musicians

This concert was free

Open to all

And sponsored by the Fairfax Community Library

It is my understanding that this group only does this one week a year and the Fairfax Community Library felt very honored that they would come here to Fairfax and play for us.

Henry A. Raymond
June 30, 2003