ALL-STARS - MAY 6, 2003

Kevin Eric Cahoon
Age: 18
School: Bellows Free Academy Fairfax
Parents: Myles and Merja Cahoon
Hometown: Fairfax
Accomplishments: 96.0 GPA ranked 5/83, first or second honors through high school, National Honor Society, National Vocational-Technical Honors Society, named outstanding student in U.S. history and computer systems technology, captain of the cross country running team senior year.
Activities: Cross country running, acting in Fairfax Community Theater
In his spare time: Play computer games, read books talk to friends
Favorite book: "Lord of the Rings" trilogy by J R.R. Tolkein
Favorite music: The Beatles and Led Zeppelin
In the fall: Attending Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Quotable on career: "I hope to be an influence in the continued growth of the computer industry. I'm interested in network administration. Last year I attended a course at Essex Technical Center and it got me into computer service repair. Right now I'm working on the BFA Web server so they'll have a Web site at the end of the year."
Three things he'd like to accomplish: ..Attend college in Finland, have a leading role in a theatrical number and help others where I can."

Autumn Piche
School: Bellows Free Academy Fairfax
Parents: Jeff and Michele Piche
Hometown: Fairfax
Accomplishments: 3.9 GPA, 7/ 83, honor roll through high school, National Honor Society, most improved player award for varsity soccer junior year. captain of varsity soccer team, most valuable player award in varsity softball junior year, captain varsity softball senior year, outstanding academic achievement for Spanish and French, selected for Who's Who of American High School Students and for National Honor Roll.
Activities: Softball and soccer
In her spare time: Read, play sports, spend time with friends and family, go to the movies, shop, work out.
Favorite book: The Harry Potter series
Favorite music: "Inside Out" by Eve6
In the fall: Attending Clarkson University
Quotable on career: "I'm very interested in pursuing a career veterinary medicine. I've been around animals all my life. I shadowed a vet and I got a little light headed every once in a while because it got a little gory, but it showed me I really do want to do this.'
Three things she'd like to accomplish: "Get married and have children, travel to Europe, work as a vet."