An Opportunity

Help Your Fairfax Organization! Provide information on their Annual Meeting, the upcoming dance the organization is sponsoring, or publicize their fund drive.

Send me an email message following the guidelines below, and help provide free publicity for your Fairfax Organization.

In your email message tell me:
To prepare your email message to me:
Whom people should contact ... 1.) Make yourself a roadmap -- sketch it like a flyer.
What is the event? 2.) In your flyer, answer the questions on the left
When is the event? 3.) If you have a computer, use it for the task.
Where will the event take place? 4.) Otherwise, use one at the Town Library. Ask me for help.
Why? (Raise funds for ____, Celebrate the _____ , etc.) 5.) A "notice" is an easy task; type it and email it to me.
How can people help, if help is wanted? 6.) OR put your "flyer" in "table" or "list" form using MSWord and attach that file to an email message to me.
Cost to take part? 7.) OR put it in "table" or "list" form in RTF or HTML format and attach that file to an email message to me.
Anything else which will be of benefit to the viewer. 8.) Please give me a MINIMUM of 2 day's notice.

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