Town of Fairfax
Fee Schedule
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Development Review Board (DRB) Hearings:

Abutters Fees: All DRB Hearings (except reconvened hearings that have been recessed) require notification to all abutting (adjoining) land owners, and are subject to fees of $5.00 per abutter to cover the cost of abutter determination, notice creation, copying and mailing.

Hearing Fees: 1

   Sketch Plan $0
   Minor Subdivision 350. + Abutters fee
   Major Subdivision, PRD. PUD 650. + Abutters fee
   Final Plat Revision 350. + Abutters fee
ConditionaLUse (including Site Plan review) 300. + Abbuters fee
Site Plan Review for Permitted use 300. + Abutters fee
Use not listed 300. + Abutters fee
Home Industry 300. + Abutters fee
Variance 300. + Abutters fee
Second Principal Use 300. + Abutters fee
Wireless Communication Facility 300. + Abutters fee
   State Licensed or Registered
   (6 FT & 4 PT Children)
150. + Abutters fee
   State Licensed (More than 10 Children) 300. + Abutters fee
Right of Way or Easement 150. + Abutters fee
Land Fill 150. + Abutters fee
Pre-existing Non-Conforming Use 150. + Abutters fee
Pre-Existing Non-Complying Structure 150. + Abutters fee
Height Limit Exception 150. + Abutters fee
Appeal of Zoning Administrator decision 150. + Abutters fee
Cancelled (by Applicant) after public warning 100. + Abutters fee

1 DRB approval does not eliminate the need for a Zoning Permit (also called a Building Permit), which is still required in most cases.

Town of Fairfax
Fee Schedule
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Zoning Permits: (use Town of Fairfax Building Permit Application and Certificate of Compliance)

Residential (includes multi-family) 1,2 $1000 / unit
Replacement Home 100.
Accessory Structure 100.
Commercial Use and/or Structure 1000. / project
Professional Services 300.
Personal Services 200.
Home Industry 200.
Home Occupation 100.
Social Services 50.
Temporary Use/Structure 50
Single Lot Subdivision Working Farm 100.
Other Permitted or Approved Conditional Use 100.
Daycare (Six children or less) No permit needed
   State Licensed or Registered Daycare
   Up to 6 full-time and 4 part-time children
   More than ten children 200.
Landfill 100.
Agricultural structures 0.
Others (See Note 4, below)
Other Fees:
Town Road Acceptance Application 3 $100.
Town Sewer Application 3 100.
Septic System Permit 30.
Driveway Access Permit 30.
Certificate of Compliance 30.
Copy of Development Regulations 4.50

1 Residences are also subject to Impact Fees. See Town of Fairfax Impact Fee Ordinance and Fee Schedule

2 New residential units require a Certificate of Occupancy before they may be occupied.

The cost for this is included in the permit fee.

3 Town Road Acceptance and Town Sewer Hook-up are subject to additional costs which are described in the applicable Town Ordinances.

4 Permits for Permitted or Conditional Uses in the Fairfax Zoning Bylaws, which do not appear on this list, will be placed in the appropriate category on this list by the Zoning Administrator, and charged the associated fee.


Adopted: 1-17-05 Signed: Jeffrey O. Blake
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