Email Grief 101

Email grief has several forms: If you are already receiving spam, ads, porn, viruses, worms, requests for "very private" banking services (from Africa), it's because your email address is already well know, and world wide!

The GOOD NEWS is that you can break the back of this problem by:
I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU NEVER PERMIT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO BE PLACED ON ANY WEBSITE usless you relish grief in the form of ads, viruses, worms, pornographic email and other time wasters. In the present Internet climate, "publicizing" your email address will create your personal email purgatory!

You should not permit your email addresses to be given to anyone who is not "doing official business" with you, nor to anyone who is potentially untrustworthy. Likewise for everyone in your family, especially young ladies!

In a family with a shared computer, only one person needs to be too free with an email address to guarantee that the entire family will suffer!

Another great way to bring yourself much grief is to "broadcast" a message, by addressing the message "To:" everyone on the mailing list. You should, instead, address the message "To:" only one (1) person on the list, and "BCC" (Blind Carbon Copy) TO ALL THE OTHERS. By using that method of addressing, everyone gets their copy of the message, but no one gets the email addresses of all others to whom you sent the message.

Think of all the "forward, forward, forward, forwarding" that goes on! About 10 seconds after you send an email "To:" a list of people, they can each forward the message to ten or more of their friends. Very shortly, with one or two more forwarding itterations, the email addresses of everyone on YOUR MESSAGE has now propagated to about 10,000 people you don't even know. It's a superb way to invite spam, viruses, worms, ads, porn, junk, requests for donations, advice on how you should pray, advice on when to pray, and advice on what will happen if you do or don't "forward" that message to at least 10 others and return a copy to the sender!  DELETE!

Three good practices to follow are: You might consider passing this around the office, or better yet, make personal copies for EVERYONE in your family.

Email addresses and passwords are like your skin.

If you randomly give either away, some bleeding may occur.

Your personal records, your health records, your mailing lists, your business plans, and your credit rating are subject to being mangled.

Do you help make it happen?
Use "BCC" and minimize the "forwarding"!

'Nuff said!

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