FAIRFAX DEVELOPMENT REVIEW BOARD Wednesday, September 21, 2011




Members Present: J. Heyer, B. Murphy, J. Beers, M. Casey, C. Rainville

Alternates Present: P. Rainville

Public Present: S. Taylor, ZA; Carol Vallette


6:30 PM- Site Visit: Christopher and Stephanie Lynch 3-lot subdivision at 231 Buck Hollow Rd.


7:00 PM- J. Heyercalled the meeting to order.

Christopher and Stephanie Lynch Final Plat Hearing for a 3-Lot Subdivision at 231 Buck Hollow Rd.


7:23PM- Hearing closed


7:25PM- B. Murphy moved to accept the General Minutes from September 7, 2011; M. Casey 2nd. All in favor.


There was discussion (with Carol Vallett in attendance) regarding proper procedure at Site Visits, the responsibilities of Board members, and the rights of the public to ask questions at that time rather than at the hearing. Skip explained the DRB Rules of Procedure that prohibit any testimony at the site visit other than factual directives (locations, etc.). Ms. Vallett felt the process stifles public input.


J. Beers moved to accept the minutes (with corrections) from the Pfanstiel 4-lot subdivision Final Plat and Pfanstiel/ Spaulding Boundary Adjustment Hearing; C. Rainville2nd. All in favor.


The Board noted that Peter Rainville reviewed the Pfanstiel file (notably the information and minutes from the Final Plat hearing) on September 20, 2011. He had attended the Site Visit and Sketch Plan hearing in March.


7:58PM- C. Rainville moved to enter deliberative for the Pfanstiel 4-lot subdivision and the Pfanstiel/Spaulding Boundary Adjustment; J. Beers 2nd. All in favor.


8:32PM- P. Rainville moved to exit deliberative; J. Beers 2nd. All in favor.


8:35PM- P. Rainville moved to adjourn; J. Beers 2nd. All in favor.


Respectfully submitted,

Martha Varney, Zoning and Planning Assistant


Approved: _________________________________ Date: ______________________2011

For the Development Review Board



These minutes are unofficial until approved at the next regularly scheduled meeting. All motions were unanimously approved unless otherwise indicated.