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Many thanks to the following for their time

and assistance in preparing this Plan:


Northwest Regional Planning Commission staff, especially

Catherine Dimitruk

Marty Anderson

Former members of the Fairfax Planning Commission

Town Plan Committee members

For specific contributions to the content of the Plan:

Mike Cain

Peggy Gilbert

Gary Gilbert

Paul Lavallee

Donna Meunier

Ed Moore

Betty Moore

Chris Murphy

Sharon Murray

Doug Reaves

Jim Field

Randy DeVine

Fairfax Planning Commission:

Barbara Young Nick Hadden, Chairman

Dale Bellows Mark Blow

Nick Hadden Greg Heyer

Pat Hudson

Orman Ovitt Doug Lantagne

Ann Lemieux

Elijah Palmer Randy Mead

Richard Wimble

Special thanks to the many residents of Fairfax who contributed their time and input to the creation of the Plan by offering comments and attending public meetings

Special thanks to the Fairfax Historical Society for providing pictures.

Revision and update of the Fairfax Town Plan was funded

by an award of the Municipal Planning Grant Program, through the

Vermont Department of Housing and Community Affairs.

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