Norman Stinehour and Joyce Hakey Revision to a Previously Approved Subdivision


Members Present: B. Murphy, M. Dufresne, C. Rainville

Alternates Present: L. Hayes, P. Rainville

Applicant Present: Norman Stinehour

Public Present: Skip Taylor, ZA; Michael Averill, Averill Engineering; Randy Ferguson


7:15 PM- B. Murphy called the hearing to order. The warning was read, introductions made, and interested persons sworn in.


Michael Averill explained that the septic easements for Lots 3, 4, and 5 need to be enlarged slightly, requiring a revision to the previously approved 5-lot subdivision. There are no changes to the septic shields or well-heads.



Skip introduced a letter from George Ferguson who owns property at 102 Ferguson Rd. stating that he does not want any land development done by his neighbors that would encroach on his property.


Public Input

Randy Ferguson said he was satisfied with the discussion.



7:22 PM- C. Rainville moved to close the hearing and move to deliberative; L. Hayes 2nd. All in favor.


Respectfully submitted,

Martha Varney, Zoning and Planning Assistant



Signed: ______________________________ Date: ___________________

For the Development Review Board


These minutes are unofficial until approved at the next regularly scheduled meeting. All motions were unanimously approved unless otherwise indicated.