FAIRFAX DEVELOPMENT REVIEW BOARD                            Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Stinehour/Hakey Final Plat Review for a 6-lot subdivision at 233 Huntville Rd.


Members Present: B. Murphy, C. Rainville, M. Dufresne

Alternates Present: P. Rainville, L. Hayes

Applicant Present: Norm Stinehour

Public Present: Michael Averill, Mary Casey, Lauren Pollitt, Fran Conlon, Brian Conlon, Jason Heyer, Skip Taylor - ZA


7:15PM- B. Murphy called the hearing to order.  The warning was read, and interested persons were sworn in. 

            Michael Averill, engineer for Norm Stinehour, said the State has classified the wetland on the property as Class 2 wetlands.  A new map shows this with 50-foot buffers added.  An additional spur into proposed Lot 5 was also classified as Class 2 wetlands.  As a result, the 20-ft. septic easement for Lot 5, located on the property of John and Karen Seaman (44 Ferguson Rd.), has been moved approximately 5 feet to avoid the 50-ft buffer area.  The access to the septic easement for Lot 3 (located on Lot 1) has been changed to qualify as a General Permit for wetlands.  Mr. Averill explained that the plan was to get all the lots approved, and if in the future Lot 4 is developed Mr. Stinehour would either need an individual permit from the State for a driveway to cross the wetlands or an alternative access to Lot 4 requiring a revision from the DRB.  There was further discussion regarding the options for Lot 6 including future plans and curb cuts.

            M. Dufresne asked about the test pits on Lot 3 and the feasibility of having the septic located on Lot 3 rather than on Lot 6.  Mr. Averill explained that there was no location possible on Lot 3 without a large mound system.  Between cost and aesthetics it would not be practical.  The soils were more amendable on Lot 1 for systems from both Lots 3 and 4.

            C. Rainville referred to acreage amounts that did not add up on an earlier site plan.  Skip said that the current survey was correct.  For the site plan Mr. Averill had been working with an earlier survey that had approximate numbers.

            P. Rainville asked about the access to Lot 6 and asked if there would need to be an additional hearing if the lot is developed. It is not developable at this time.If an access easement is needed another hearing will be required.

            There was discussion whether the lots could be classified as developable before State permits were issued.  Skip read a memo from the Listers, dated 4/2/08, that stated they did not tax it as a lot until the map and Mylar had been approved.Mr. Stinehour asked the Board if hecould eliminate Lot 6 and change the project to a 5-lot subdivision.  Lot 6 would be absorbedinto Lot 1.  The Board agreed.


Public Input

            Neighbors presented information regarding surrounding wells.  The Board advised that this was beyond their jurisdiction and that the information they had should be submitted to the State.  Fran Conlon stated that the Conlon and Pollitt wells were in a low-yield area.  Skip explained that the State Hydrologist will review the permit and may not be aware that the proposed wells are in a low-yield area.  Michael Averill has spoken to him and made him aware of the neighbors’ concerns.  The applicant stated that earlier testimony regarding area wells was not accurate.  Contrary to testimony at the Sketch Plan hearing, the Seamans’ well was fine.  There was additional discussion regarding building envelopes and wetland buffers.


7:55 PM- M. Dufresne moved to close to public input for the Final Plat and Boundary Adjustment and move to deliberative; L. Hayes 2nd.  All in favor.


Respectfully submitted,

Martha Varney, Planning and Zoning Assistant



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                        For the Development Review Board



These minutes are unofficial until approved at the next regularly scheduled meeting.  All motions were unanimous unless otherwise indicated.