Planning Commission Minutes                             September 11, 2007             



PC MEMBERS PRESENT: G. Heyer, M. Hunziker, A. Lemieux, R. Wimble

PUBLIC PRESENT: S. Taylor, ZA; G. Brunswick


7:30 PM  G. Heyer called the meeting to order.   G. Brunswick from Northwest Regional Planning again joined in the discussion.  The Survey she formatted in Publisher was again discussed.  A few minor changes were recommended.  G. Brunswick will find out if NRPC can print the surveys, and how much that will cost.  The Zoning Office will also get an estimate from other sources.  The Grant Application was also reviewed and a few minor changes will be made.  S. Taylor, ZA  will be the administrator, and G. Heyer will be the back-up.  It will be presented to the Selectboard on September 17, 2007, for their signature.


The Town Plan itself was discussed.  The Planning Commission would like to schedule two community forums to discuss the results of the surveys and to get more input from the public.  A couple of ideas were mentioned to make the meetings more interesting.  Something like a cookie exchange seemed like a good possibility.  The dates recommended were on Tuesday evening December 11 at 7 PM and Saturday December 15 at 1 PM.

The large colored maps in the last town plan were discussed.  It is possible that colored maps may not be included in the new Town Plan due to cost of printing.  A few copies will be available at the Town Office.  The possibility of putting the Town Plan on a web site was also brought up.  The Board agreed that a municipal web

site would be a good goal for the future.


The Planning Commission really appreciates all the help G. Brunswick has provided.


8:40PM  M. Hunziker made a motion to adjourn. A. Lemieux second.  All in favor.


Next meeting will be on September 18, 2007.





Respectfully Submitted,

Cathy Raymond, Zoning and Planning Assistant




Approved_____________________________________ Date______________, 2007