Planning Commission Minutes                     Tuesday, September 7,  2010



PC MEMBERS PRESENT: G. Heyer, M. Hunziker, A. Lemieux, D. Brown, R. Wimble

PUBLIC PRESENT: S. Taylor, ZA; G. Brunswick, NRPC, B. Ormerod


7:00 PM     G. Heyer called the meeting to order.  After discussion regarding hammerheads and turnarounds in the minutes, M. Hunziker made a motion to accept the minutes from August 10, 2010.  A. Lemieux second. All in favor. 


Bill Ormerod came to the board with his personal ideas regarding the Bylaw Revision. He had previously submitted his suggestions for changes that were reviewed by S. Taylor and G. Brunswick.  His opinion is to keep the road widths the same as they are now and to support the position of fire and rescue.  He said the Town Plan does not reference the size of roads.  His main reason is to ensure safety of both the public and all volunteer municipal respondents.  He did mention that all uses should not necessarily trigger a road vs a driveway.  He suggested the definition of roads be changed to include lots and units, maybe not uses. 


There was much discussion on why a road should be changed to 4 or more homes.  S. Taylor mentioned the rural character of the town.  M. Hunziker mentioned the safety issue of having many curb cuts, and the expense of a 24 foot road for a small developer.  The length of the road should also be taken under consideration.  Everyone agreed that every road or driveway needs to be properly maintained.  It was also noted that fire trucks and equipment has increased in size.  A. Lemieux again stated that affordability, safety and esthetics are all important.  G. Heyer told B. Ormerod that the Board appreciated his input.  B. Ormerod left at 7:55 PM.


A letter from John Mitchell was read to the Board.  He is concerned that his property at 1135 Main Street will be in two separate Zoning Districts.  The Board looked at the maps closely and did not think the new districting will affect his property.  M. Hunziker thanked S. Taylor for the clear and concise letter on Henry Raymond’s web site (VTGRANDPA.COM) regarding the Bylaw revisions. 


The topic of “principal uses” was discussed in full.  G. Brunswick will work on a new definition that will exclude uses that are accessory to a residential residence.  Mixed uses were also discussed.  Mixed Use may allow multiple principal uses within one or two structures. 


The Board again discussed a compromise for the width of roads. Definitions will be needed for driveway, shared access and road. The Board would like to be in agreement with the Selectboard on the width of roads before the public hearing.  S. Taylor will present their recommendation for three categories (driveway, shared access, and road) to the Selectboard on September 8, 2010.  They hope to have a response before the next Planning Commission meeting on September 21, 2010.   The Town’s Attorney has also requested a draft of the Bylaws to be reviewed before the public hearing.  The Public Hearing is tentatively scheduled for Monday October 25, 2010.


9:10 PM  M. Hunziker made a motion to adjourn.  D. Brown second.  All in favor.



Respectfully Submitted,

Cathy Raymond, Zoning and Planning Assistant




Approved_____________________________________ Date______________, 2010



These minutes are unofficial until approved at the next regularly scheduled meeting.