Planning Commission Minutes†††††††††††††††††† Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Fairfax Town Office

PC MEMBERS PRESENT: G. Heyer, M. Hunziker, R. Wimble, A. Lemieux, D. Brown

PUBLIC PRESENT: Skip Taylor, Zoning Administrator, Greta Brunswick, NRPC


7:00 PM - G Heyer called the meeting to order. The minutes from June 29, 2010 were reviewed.A Lemieux motioned to approve the minutes as written.D. Brown second. All in favor. G. Heyer signed the minutes.


The conversation began with a review of the discussion that took place the previous evening between the PC and the Selectboard.That discussion included questions by the Selectboard about lot sizes, setbacks and frontage.It was agreed that none of these areas needed changing.The discussion then moved on to roads and driveways.The PC had agreed to offer a revised proposal to the Selectboard.Discussion centered on whether to keep the definition of driveways as one, two or three lots units or uses.The PC agreed to keep that definition.Discussion then moved on to widening the entrance to all driveways to 24 feet with 2 foot shoulders for the first 50 feet to allow emergency vehicles to park off the road; 35 feet by 35 feet hammerheads for all driveways longer than 200 feet; passing lanes every 800 feet for long driveways; driveway widths of 14 feet with 2 foot shoulders for one lot, unit or use and 18 feet with 2 foot shoulders for two or three lots, units or uses.Roads would be 24 feet wide with 2 foot shoulders built to A76 and B71 standards; road and driveway owners would be required to maintain roads and driveways.The PC asked Skip to summarize the proposed changes to the road and driveway standards and forward them to the Selectboard, Fire and Rescue for their comments.


Since Selectman Bill Ormerod had provided his annotated copy of the proposed regulations to the PC, it was agreed that Skip Taylor would review Billís comments and suggestions with Greta; that they would make minor changes and corrections; and that they would bring any significant issues back to the PC for discussion.


The PC then reviewed in detail the written comments and suggestions received from the DRB and the Listers. Some changes and clarifications were made. There was then considerable discussion regarding when a permit was needed to finish space in an existing structure, or needed to change an un-enclosed structure to an enclosed structure.The need for a definition of FOOTPRINT was discussed.There was additional discussion regarding setbacks, lot sizes and frontage.Few changes were made based on that discussion.


No input has yet been received from the Fire Department or Rescue Squad.


The PC agreed that their next meeting will be at 7PM on Tuesday, September 7th,2010 in the Town Office.


9:00 PM - A. Lemieux made a motion to adjourn.D. Brown second.All in favor.


Respectfully prepared and submitted by Skip Taylor, Zoning Administrator




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These minutes are unofficial until approved at the next regularly scheduled meeting.