Planning Commission Minutes                             August 7, 2007         



PC MEMBERS PRESENT: G. Heyer, M. Hunziker, R. Wimble, A. Lemieux, P. Hudson


7:30 PM  G. Heyer called the meeting to order.  R. Wimble motioned to approve the Minutes from June 19, 2007 as corrected. M. Hunziker seconded the motion. G. Heyer, M. Hunziker and R. Wimble in favor. G. Heyer stated he has been in contact with Greta from Northwest Regional Planning Commission.  Greta will work with Greg Heyer on a grant application for the new Town Plan.  The NWRPC will hopefully work with the Planning Commission on the revision of the Town Plan. 


Pages 33-54 were reviewed.  M. Hunziker led the discussion.  Sections were high-lighted that need to be updated, and names were suggested as consultants for specific areas.


The Planning Commission discussed the Bylaws that were adopted by the Selectboard on Aug. 6, 2007.  A few changes need to be made, new title sheets need to be done up, the updated map needs to be inserted, and copies need to be printed. The new Bylaws will become effective on Aug. 27, 2007.   A. Lemieux again stated that the Planning Commission does not agree with having a road consist of two or more homes. Building a 24 foot road with 2 foot shoulders is very expensive, especially for a family who may want a relative’s home in the same area.   They feel this does not encourage affordable housing, and leads to too many curb cuts, instead of a small cluster of homes off of one driveway.


The Town Plan revision was discussed again.  The US Census Bureau may be a good resource for updating some of the tables.  New photos should be obtained.   A. Lemieux said a Community Booklet will be distributed to all households in Fairfax the end on August.  She offered to include a survey from the Planning Commission in this booklet to save money on postage. Next meeting the Planning Commission will review recent surveys from other Towns and also discuss possible questions to ask the public.


8:30 PM  M. Hunziker made a motion to adjourn.  A. Lemieux second.  All in favor. 


Nest meeting will be on August 21, 2007.




Respectfully Submitted,

Cathy Raymond, Zoning and Planning Assistant




Approved_____________________________________ Date______________, 2007