Planning Commission Minutes                             June 19, 2007         



PC MEMBERS PRESENT: G. Heyer, M. Hunziker, R. Wimble, A. Lemiuex

PUBLIC PRESENT:  S. Taylor, Zoning Administrator


7:30 PM  G. Heyer called the meeting to order.  M Hunziker motioned to approve the Minutes from June 5, 2007.

R. Wimble seconded the motion. All in favor. Discussion centered on the revised Bylaws.  The Selectboard submitted a draft of the Bylaws with changes highlighted, and comments written on the draft.  The Planning Commission unanimously thought the recommended change to having a driveway consist of only one home, and two or more homes would require a road built to A76 standards, is a substantial change.  The Planning Commission also wanted the Selectboard to clarify wording in the document they require to be changed. G. Heyer, chair, asked S. Taylor to write an e-mail  to the Selectboard with the following recommends:


            1.  The Selectboard submit the revised Bylaws (as amended after the first Public Hearing by the Planning

                  Commission) to the first Public Hearing presented by the Selectboard. Copies are available for public review.

            2.  All changes with specific wording (from the Selectboard’s review and from comments suggested at the first

                  Selectboard hearing) to be presented to the Zoning Assistant for updating the documents and printing copies to

                  be available at least 14 days before the second Selectboard hearing.

            3   The final draft of the Bylaw changes to be presented at a second hearing, by the Selectboard, in preparation of

                  adopting the Bylaw changes.


The existing Town Plan was reviewed page by page.  The old maps could be replaced by even older maps, and historical photos could be changed.  S. Taylor will get updated information for the various tables. Donna Meunier will be asked to review the section on cemeteries.  The section on Natural and Cultural Policies was reviewed and some items will be deleted. Next meeting pages 33-54 will be reviewed in detail with the following focus:


              1.  Which paragraphs or sections will need to be changed

              2.   Which paragraphs or sections will require updated data (Skip will begin to assemble this)

              3.   Which paragraphs or sections might benefit from a survey question.



9:15 PM  M. Hunziker motioned to adjourn.  A. Lemiuex seconded the motion.  All in favor.



Due to the Fourth of July Holiday, the next meeting will be on July 17, 2007 at 7:30 PM.





Respectfully Submitted,

Skip Taylor – Zoning Administrator



Approved_____________________________________ Date______________, 2007