Planning Commission                       May 16, 2006         



PC MEMBERS PRESENT:  G. Heyer, M. Hunziker, A. Lemieux, R. Wimble, P. Hudson

Public Present: S. Taylor, Bill Rose, Colleen Steen


The meeting was called to order by G. Heyer at 7:30PM. The minutes from May 2, 2006 were reviewed.  P. Hudson made a motion to accept the minutes from May 2, 2006. M. Hunziker second. All in favor. The minutes from the May 9, 2006 workshop were reviewed.  M. Hunziker made a motion to accept the minutes from May 9, 2006.

A. Lemieux second. All in favor.


The completed second draft of the Bylaws, were handed to members. Copies were made for the Selectboard and the Development Review Board.  S. Taylor had questions regarding permits for swimming pools.  The Bylaws now state any structure over 100 square feet require a permit.  Discussion centered on inflatable pools that are put up and taken down each year.  S. Taylor will research wording from other towns. Clarification may be needed in our Bylaws.


A question arose regarding a yard sale that is run in the same location most every weekend. M. Hunziker was concerned about safety issues on a main town road. This issue needs further discussion for clarification of the Bylaws to determine if this is a yard sale, a home industry, or a retail business.


8PM Bill Rose from NRPC discussed Access Management. Mr. Rose centered on eliminating contact points, emergency access, financial means to maintain roads, parking, and access between different commercial areas.  He also reinforced the need for continuity between different Boards concerning Access Management.  He talked about Traffic Impact Analysis Standards being a good tool for the Town and for the Development Review Board. Mr. Rose was given copies of the most recent Bylaws and the proposed changes. He offered to review these Bylaws for consistency and to make recommendations for wording regarding Access Management. He will sit with S. Taylor to discuss his recommendations.  He gave the Planning Commission handouts for reference, and will supply another manual that he will give to C. Steen to give to the Planning Commission. 


9:00 M. Hunziker made a motion to adjourn.  P. Hudson second.  All in favor.


Respectfully Submitted,

Cathy Raymond, Planning and Zoning Assistant




Approved_____________________________________ Date______________, 2006